Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


41. Erin.

When she awoke, she found she was in bed in her cabin with a concerned looking guy staring at her. He had dark blonde hair and forest green eyes. He must have been a leader judging by the casual uniform he wore.

"Good. You're awake." He said smiling at her.

"Yeah." She said quietly.

"We were a bit worried about you, we thought you might have hit your head quite hard but you don't even have a bump so everything is good." He told her. She nodded, unsure of what to say next.

"How did I get back here?" She asked looking around her cabin.

"I carried you back..." He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world and it probably was but the thought of this rather attractive guy carrying her anywhere made her blush. "I couldn't leave you lying in the middle of the canteen could I?" He laughed. He had the kind of laugh that made you want to join in and laugh with him, so she let out a little chuckle as well. "I'm Luke by the way, youngest leader in camp s." He said with a mocking tone of pride in his deep voice.

"Thanks for helping me then Luke." She smiled, moving to get out of bed but he made her sit back down.

"Whoa. You have to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Doctors orders!" He said.

"Oh yeah? Who's the doctor?" She asked jokingly.

"Me!" He said as he went to the door. "I'll come to check on you in a bit, get some rest." He said as he left.

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