Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


38. Erin.

Erin kept her distance from Ethan for a couple of days, well it wasnt like she would have gotten close to him anyway. They were either in lesson and she was too taken up in what was being said to worry about him or Lila was draped around him like a scarf.

Erin was just crossing to yard to the canteen one lunchtime when she felt a sharp twinge in her head, she stopped for a second as a wave of dissiness washed over her. She took a deep breath and then carried on.

In the canteen she was met by noise and a smell of delicious food, but she found she wasn't even hungry anymore. Ignoring her complaining stomach she went and got a plate and got a few chips with a bbq chicken breast. As she turned to find a table her way was blocked by bright ginger hair. She internally groaned.

"Ah look, the noob." She heard Lila say in her anoying voice.

"Excuse me Lila, I need to sit down." Erin said quietly looking at the floor as her head began to spin.

"Aw, listen to those silly British manners." Lila taunted with her eyes narrowed.

"Lila, please. Move." Erin ground out. She was doubting her ability to stand.

"Jesus whats the matter with you?" Lila snorted. Erin couldnt hear anymore, her vision began to dim and the last thing she heard was Lila's peircing scream befor her world went black...

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