Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


32. Erin.

"This is Sadie, she's the nicest horse here." Ethan said as he lead a chesnut brown horse into the paddock. Erin's heart started beating quickly, what if she fell off and made a fool of herself? "So do you want me to go on first?" Ethan's voice cut through her thoughts.

"Sorry what?" Erin said in a daze.

"Sadie... do you want me to ride her first?" He asked, an amused smile settling on his face.

"Oh right, yeah of course." She stuttered. Wow this was going incredibly well she thought to herself. Ethen put his foot in one of the stirrups and swung his other leg over to the other side of the horse. Was he always smooth or was it just in front of her? He made Sadie trot round the paddock a couple of times, both he and the horse moving gracfully. When he got back to Erin he jumped off Sadie and patted her on the nose.

"Your turn." He smiled.

"Actually, I think we might be late for the first class by the time we've put her away." Erin said. Ethan looked at his watch and sensing her nerves he said.

"Yeah you're right. Tomorrow afternoon then?" He asked. Erin nodded. They both put Sadie away and then walked to there first class. Improvisation.

"Okay, hi guys. Wow you're a small group... anyway welcome to improvisation 101." Said the man at the front of the class. "Okay so we're gunna get straight into it. I want you to split into boy girl pairs and you have to make a short piece, no more than two minutes long, about a marriage proposal." The teacher said. Ethan and Erin looked at eachother at the same time and a faint blush coloured her cheeks.

"Will you marry me?" Ethan said. Erin's eyes widened.

"What?" She asked.

Ethan began to laugh loudly. "The improvisation. It's a wedding proposal, so instead of asking you to work with me " He began but Erin finished for him.

"You asked me to marry you. Very clever." Erin smirked.

"It's nice to have my humor appreciated." He said jokingly.

"Come on, lets get working." Erin laughed as she slapped his shoulder.

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