Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


25. Erin

Erin woke early, she barley got any sleep last night. She had been way to exited, Esmeralda would have said that she was 'high on life' and that she was. Speaking of Esmeralda, Erin took her phone out of her bag and tried to ring her friend, but there was no answer. Erin just guessed it was either because the time zones meant that she was asleep or she was to busy singing or acting and had probably left her phone in her room.

Erin got showered and dressed then decided that instead of hanging around doing nothing, she might aswell go and eat. She made sure she had everything she needed before quietly leaving the cabin and walking across the ranch to the canteen.

She thought she might have been the only one there as it was so early in the morning but she saw that Ethan was there with a couple of other boys and a few of the leaders were there aswell. Ethan smiled at her and she returned the gesture before going to the breakfast buffet. She got toast bacon and eggs then turned round to see where she would sit. She was about to go to a table near the window when Ethan called her over.

"Morning" she said politely.

"Morning, sit with us?" He asked motioning to the empty chair beside him.

"Oh I don't want to get in the way." Erin protested.

"No no not at all. Sit down." He said. Erin smiled and sat down beside him. "Okay so these guys are called Jared, Luke, Tommy and Adam." He said pointing to each of his friends. They all said hello to her and she smiled.

"I'm Erin." She said.

"Woah! Your British?" The one named Tommy half asked, half stated.

"Yeah I suppose I am." Erin said, the boy laughed.

"Where do you live in England?" Jared asked.

"Um, I live in a tiny place called Shireorkles. Literally theres one road in and it's the same road to get out." Erin told them.

"Oh I live in Washington when I'm not here, so I don't suppose I could live somewhere so... small." Luke said looking confused as to how someone could live somewhere so little.

"Hey, do you know how to ride?" Ethan asked her.

"Um, I used to ride a bit when I was younger but I haven't for a while." Erin said.

"Do you want to?" He asked.

"Yeah I suppose so." Erin replied, unsure of what this was leading to.

"Come on." He beamed. Oh so that's where this was leading to.


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