Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


19. Erin.

Erin was just staring at him. It was Josh Hutcherson. Like THE Josh Hutcherson! She had dreamed about him being at camp but never ever had she thought it would actually ever happen.

"Wecome back to camp everyone. It's awesome to see so many familiar faces! I've been told we have a new comer though." Josh said. Everyone started murmuring. "So can Erin come up here please?" Josh asked. Everyone was automatically silent. Erin gulped and stood up. She could feel her legs shaking and eyes looking at her. She walked over to Josh who held out a hand to her. He helped her to stand on the log he was stood on then compleatly took her by surprise by pulling her into a tight hug.

"Okay Erin whats your full name?" He asked smiling at her.

"Um, Erin Katy Godwin." Erin staded shyly.

"Lovely. And whats your favourite film?" He asked.

"Um. LOL, you know the one with Miley Cirus in it?" Erin said, feeling more confident now.

"Oh yeah, I love that film. It always makes me laugh when he says 'skank ass hoe'." Josh laughed. That was one of Erin's favourite parts aswell.

"Well guys I would like for you to meet the newest addition to our slightly disfuntional family Erin Godwin!" Josh said, everyone laughed and began cheering and clapping for Erin.

She had to admit this had possibly been one of the best nights of her life. She hadn't expected to be so welcome in camp, especially not on the first day. She thought it would have been a miricle if she made more than two friends on the first day but she had talked to so many people at the BBQ that night. She deffinatly liked this disfunctional family.

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