Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


11. Erin.

The cabin was cute. There were two bunk beds so she guessed she would be sharing with three other people. Erin decied she would take a walk round the ranch.

It was very hot so she changed into simple shorts and a vest top. She left the cabin and decided to walk to the paddock she had seen the boy, Ethan she thought it was, riding earlier. She felt her heart speed up when she saw he was still in the paddock. In the sun she could see bronze flashes in his hair. His skin was lightly tanned and his face was set into a focused expression.

Erin was mesmerised as she leant against the wooden fence to watch him ride. He still hadn't noticed her but she didn't mind, she was so relaxed. The horse began to slow down until it compleatly stopped. He dismounted gracefully and finally he saw her. Erin's whole body tensed up, would he think she was some kind of freak, stood there watching him.

"Hey!" He called. She could have swar her heart momently stopped beating.

"Hi!" She called back weakly raising her hand a little. Ethan grabbed the horses raines and began to lead the beautiful horse over to where she stood.

"Are you the newgirl?" He asked good naturedly. Erin nodded and began to stroke the horse. "What do you think of camp so far then?" He asked.

"Well the only thing I've seen is my cabin and thats pretty nice. So far so good I think." Erin replied smiling. He chuckled.

"Do you want me to give you a tour?" He asked. Erin stuttered a bit before saying.

"Um, yeah, sure, of course." Smooth.

The only thought running through Erin's mind at that moment was Oh my god!

"Okay let me just go and put Blaise in his stable." He grinned before leading the horse away. 

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