Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


8. Erin.

The camp was EXACTLY like she imagined it would be! There were lots of smallish wooden cabins that she guessing is where she would sleep and there were about three other big brick buildings that she guessed was where the class type things would take place.

"Someone can give you a tour later, wanna go meet some of the team?" Lill asked.

"Sure." Erin replied. They walked toghether to a log cabin near the edge of the ranch. Lill walked in and Erin followed. Inside the log cabin there was about five people all wearing red t-shirts and the girls wearing tank tops with the drama mask logos printed on the front or the sleeve.

"Okay so we have, Jayne, Maria, Tony, Mark and Eddie." Lill listed off pointing to each person in turn, they all said either Hello or Welcome to the camp.

"Hi I'm Erin." She said nervously but brightened up a bit when she saw all their encouraging smiles.

"Shall I show you to you cabin?" The girl called Jayne asked.

"Yeah sure." Erin smiled back. She said a quick goodbye to Lill and the other people in the cabin. Then Jayne led her out.

"Everyone's having freetime." Jayne explained. Erin nodded and let her eyes wonder over to a paddock where a boy with light brown hair was riding a sleek back horse with uncanny grace.

"Who's that?" Erin asked motioning over to the boy.

"Him? Oh thats Ethan Drew, current camp heart throb so I'm told." Jayne laughed.

Heart throb? She could see why!

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