Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


3. Erin

The plane landed in texas at three o'clock in the afternoon America time. Erin could tell she had serious jet lag but fought through at as she stepped off the plane into the scorching texan sun. She went through customs without a hitch and when she followed the rest of the passengers to the arrivals lounge and looked around. The camp had said they would send someone to the airport to fetch her.

She saw a woman with long ginger hair tied up into a ponytail holding a sign with Erin's name on it. She took a deep breath and walked over the the woman who beamed brightly at her.

"Erin?" The woman smiled at her.

"Yeah." Erin confirmed shyly. The woman pulled her into a hug.

"I'm Lillian, but everyone at the camp calls me Lill." She said.

"Hi." Erin smiled. Lill began to lead her away so Erin grabbed her case and began to follow her. They reached the airport car park and Lill put Erin's bags into the boot of an old Audi.

"You can sit in the front." Lill said when she saw Erin begin to get in the back of the car.

"Oh, okay." Katy said as she sat down in the front seat. She was one step closer to camp S!

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