Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


2. Erin

The plane journey was to put it lightly... very boring. Erin finished Affectation with two hours to go. She tried watching the in flight movie but it was 'The Mr. Beans holiday' and if there was one film that REALLY annoyed her it was that one. She decided to just stare out of the window to pass the time, it was working well until the flight attendant triped over a bag that was left in the aisle and he spilt a full cup of orange juice on Affectation. Erin just gaped at the ruined book.

"I'm so sorry Miss!" The flight attendant said in a panicky voice.

"Ummm, it's... fine don't worry about it." Erin said in a quiet voice.

"The airline will provide a new one, compleatly free of charge Miss." He fussed

"Honestly it's fine. I'd finished it anyway." Erin said kindley. The boy smiled sheepishly and handed her a small teddybear with a t-shirt on that said 'happy flying you!' on it. Erin took it.

"If you won't let us provide a new book." The boy explained. He chuckled and began moving down the aisle again.

Erin looked at her book and was thankful it wasn't her the juice had spilt on. She wanted to look good for camp, not because she was vain. Just because she wanted to make a good  first impression there. First impressions could get you a long way.

Her thoughts turned to Isabella, Kaitlin and Esmeralda her three best friends. She really wanted them to come to camp with her but they were doing other things this summer. Isabella was going to various creative writing classes, Kaitlin was going to spend some time with her sister in New York and Esmeralda was going to a musical theater summer school in London.

So they were all going solo this summer, and that was daunting in it's self. She kept thinking how awful it would be walking into a place where she didn't know anyone even though Esmeralda had asssured her that she was sure to make loads of friends.

It seemed only a day ago that she was telling her friends how much she wanted to go to camp. And now it was really happening!


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