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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


3. you could have

Banica p.o.v

"Wait" i heard a voice called from behind me. Slowly i turn around  Harry styles?

2day later

"my love wake up it  morning now" i heard some one said and shake me gently.

"morning do you get in here?"i said hiding the excitement.

"i came by the window it was unlock." he smile.i got lost in his eyes so many time.

"umm remember how i said that i was going to hang out with you"i nod"well, me and my lad have to practice .i come in about 5 pm okay?" he said.

"oh OK"then he disappear.

"oh one more thing" he reappear

"i love you"i roll my eye at him.he chuckle then leave.i look at the clock and see that It was 9 30 am.i change in to mint colour short and a t shirt that said "I'm not a new girl".RING RING.i run down the stair and pick up the phone. MY vousin Jacob Black.


blod is Banica normal is Jacob

hey J
hey Sam want you to come to his house
are you serious

umm now is good

but i not want to go
i give you 80 dollars then


What did i do wrong that the consular have to sent Sam Uley?i run to Sam house and it only take 5 min because I'm a fast runner and a half wolf.i knock on the door and Sam open it

"come in".after that we talk about story and stuff. Wolf stuff.

"so if you have a boyfriend and then you find your imprint how will it work out?"i ask afraid i might lost harry. i properly will but i need hope.

"well that when your heart decide "Sam said .Then a loud scream echo the room and Sam rush up the stair.

"who?" i ask.

"Sam adoptive daughter.she got abandon and lifeless" Jared said.

"not a person you want to be" Paul said.Sam come down with a girl by his side.She  taller than me and she look so familiar.

"Banica?" she said.wait that fazia

"omg fazia what happens"i said

When Fazia woke up...

"Carlisle when she woke up we will take her to our place"i heard some whisper from down stair.

"Ofcourse" He reply. i heard some one chuckle. Wait Aro????


"nothing much ,dad can i go shopping with Danica maybe it take my mind off"she ask"

sure but be home by 7pm"Sam smile .Fazia kiss him on the cheek and drag me to her car.

"don't phase again OK?"she said and let out a soft giggled. The last time i phrase i flug her in to a brick wall.we arrived at the shopping mall and i was jumping with excitement.

"don't brake the car now what would you like to do?"she said.

"let get some smoothie"i giggled.just then i saw the most handsome boy walk past me ,the gravity is no longer he was the one for me.

"oh no BANICA!"she yell

"what?"i ask still stare at the boy.Fazia now look at the boy with anger,confused and eager look.

"do you still love harry?" she whisper.ofcuz i love harry.didn't i?.

"exactly! you got an imprint and he his best mate!" she whisper yell.

"Wat ever let go" i drag her in to a smoothie shop when my phone ring."can you block the noise"i said she nod then the whole place went silence







"hello love"harry cooed
"um i can't see you today cuz the practice is longer than i thought"
"OK next tim..." before i finished my sentence he hang up on me.arr RUDE!.then i see fazia eyes as big as a basketball."what is it?" i ask. she didn't say anything so i turn around and saw a couple snogging."so?"i ask again."it harry Danica" she whisper.i take a closer look and she was right.i over heard they conversation"when are you gonna dump her i miss you"the girl who i notice was one of my best friend Anne"soon i just use her to get to you that all"he reply.that it I'm out .i run to the car and drive back to my house and cut myself.RING"hello Danica what wrong i see you running back home" harry said"you could have tell me harry!" i sob "I'm sorry i just play with her" with that i throw the phone outside and went to sleep nothing mater now.

Fazia p.o.v
i saw him the voice and he my friend imprint just eww.after the 'accident' about me seeing IT snogging Danica drive my car home.i walk out the hall and into the peace full in there.i start walking when a wolf jump and attack me .i run but not fast enough so i shape shift in to a snow leopard and go and knock on Sam door while i phase back(with clothe on )."where the car?" Sam ask ."wolf chasing....." before i could  answer  i was black out

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