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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


2. Whats with you today?


   1hr 11 min earlier

  Fazia p.o.v

i was walking to school my denim jean and jacket when a note slip in my finger . It said 'do it or the one you love will be history .Do what exactly?.

"Fazia we going now!" Emmett shouted from down stair.

"Yeah i'm.. teleport today thanks" I hesitatingly reply. i heard a loud shut meaning they left.Slowly i make my way down stair.i was relaxing in my desk waiting for myself to teleport when a young voice whisper to me.

"don't deny it ,i know you trap" OK......what the hell going on[how should i know].

"what do you want " i said to no one in particular.

'kill Banica or made her suffer" i reply wait i know this sound.

"why? what she done to you"

" just do it or i kill the people you love. Just then Banica walk in." i gulp. I must have a hung over from drinking that portion.

"Never again" i whisper. My surrounding slowly fade. I saw Bani walk in. Why is she here so early.i tease her for being early course she not a morning person.

'make her suffer'the voice said."no"i whisper . Suddenly i feel pain shot through my spine.

"Now" it would not stop. The pain raise to level that i gave in.then i have an idea .i make she bump in to Harry Styles. They like each other anyway.

 'harder'the voice .i lock my tear in my eyes as the pain shot again.i made her ankle twist and she yell in pain. Thats got to hurt.

'that's it' then i smirk at my victory.

"i not want to hurt her and that enough for one day" i whisper . Then she winced in pain.

"stop it" i whisper yell at the voice .

"take her to the nurse room" i said but it turn out to make it sound like french accent.Then harry carry her bridal styles.i wave at her.i'm sorry

"act innocence now are we?"the voice chuckle

"shut the fudge cake  up"i hiss and ready to phase

"who are you? why am i doing this?"i ask still raise my voice just then the rest of the class come in and i slowly took my seat.i felt scare,con fussed,sad and horror. Edward look at me with a worry look. Gee you care. He could not help but twitch his lips.

"OK class........................................."the rest of the day gone quickly and i did't show up at lunch time.When the school day end i quickly ran to the wood and crying my heart out.Then i fell a sleep.     The voice p.o.v

I don't want to do this but i have to.It my job.i follow her to the wood and saw that she was broke my heart that no longer in to piece.Then i saw she felt a sleep.i carry her and drop her off at the cullens ."i sorry" i whisper kissing her cheek and went to a place in Italy.        

  who do you think the voice is?and why is he or she care about her?

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