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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


6. time past and so am i

Danica p.o.v

urgg it been ages since she kidnap me and still no one come in and have a look.but she didn't hit me or punis me she just give me food and water and let me be.she never left the room ever since yesterday.her face was paler than usual."are you hungry?"she said then i nod.2 minutes later some food appear."eat up" she order and i did."what about you?"i ask because she never leave or slept for as long as i can remember."what bout me?" she said."you not eat or slept " "but then you escape,just eat your food we goona leave soon"she said."where?"i said" stop asking"she remove my voice again.after i finished eating Fazia knock me out.i wake up in bed so comfy that i wanna sleep for ever but where am i ?."in a cave of Parastle"she said."fairy tale much?" i joke but she throw me to a wall"it my parent last properties so shut it!" she yell then drop me off "go to sleep"" no" " what ever i let you go but don't leave the room" she untie me and left the room.after that i saw her with some huge dogs or should i say wolf.she saying something to them that really piss one off them off but  the rest seam to understood cuz they nod they head.she make the balck wolf sleep and make it dissapear.what goning on?."nothing" she she fast."i guess i am oh and 2 more week and you could leave" she said but i saw her hand bleading." it nothing just go to sleep"i fell in to darknness.i woke up to a lound scream ."you can't have her she done nothing wrong!" i heard Fazia yell."please let me suffer instead" she add ."we sorry darling we have to" another voice join.the door open with a thud."hard to get to you"a man that talk to Fazia earlier said."please" fazia beg"."no" then he point his gun up toward me."die in peace"he said.i squeze my eyes tight shut.i heard it the shot.but i didn't feel i thing.i open my eyes and saw fazia infront of me.omg she got shot."if you kill her you kill me"she hiss and the man was push to the wall repeatly till he was knock out."come on  before he reform him self."she said and drag me along with her."phase" she said and we did.her one was a snowleopard while im a snow wolf.we keep running till she conferm that he was dead cause he just human."you not really kidnap me did you" i ask with tear drops in my eyes.a smile appear on her face even though some hair cover it."im sorry"she said"sorry? YOU NAERLY GOT KILL AND YOU SORRY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?". i shouted"for fun but i didn't  kidnap you atleast i think so" she said.

"you look tired here have this"she handed me a bottle of water.i grab it and drunk it all.she shake her head at my obivious move.suddenly i heard a twig snap and so does she." get behind me"she order. i did so.we wait aminute then a knife stuck on fazia chest.she collasped down but still able to protect me.a second later harry come in and throw a knife at her again.she dug it and move me away from the direction."dude stop that fazia"i heard louis shouted.then all of them are here."she dying"niall said. i look back at Fazia she was struggle to survive.i rush up to her and hold her hand, tears slip down my face.all this time she been protect me and i just being a child.she lost her last breath to me and i just watch was so piss that i think she gonna kill me."we all.. made.. mistake.. dani"she smile through the pain."but i made so much of it,and you why are you so stupid and not let me fight."i said."i guess,hey will you.. do me..a favour.."she said.i nod"don't be mad at your self it not your fault their may kid out there that admire you so be there model and consentrae on your future.. pleas"she said.her eyes start to closed down."bye"she said then her eyes are fully shut."don't"i said.her body began to float and explode in to white flower peddal."rest in peace Fazia"i said."Danica im sorry" harry step up."you kill her"i said"i thought she was the hunter"he said."i need to think"i walk off and run to my house."Danica where have you been"my mum shouted and run to give me a hug"im sorry ,don't leave me ok"she sob"ok"i said and went to my room.she dead .my friend ,sister and buddy is dead.i can't go to sleep that night........

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