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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


8. New ?

jacob and seth p.o.v
we finally arrived and found Fazia.but she look different like she just get out of some sort of fight."want do you want?"she ask in a cold voice."we want you to join the pack"sam said.she look so pretty in the sunlight.she smirk .argg she can read mind."and why do i need to join your mutt pack?"she said with one hand on her hip."because im your father"sam growl."haha,a father who kick me out for his girlfriend?yeah right!"she shouted.i nod my head.what it true!.sam make an attack so fast that you have to be a wolf to see.she move but his sharp paw cut a little bit of her arm."go back to your place "she order.she make sam sleep and make him sleep.we then return.i hope she come back soon.

Fazia p.o.v
oww that sting i return fast to danica room.she worry about what going on and my arm.before i tellher to go to sleep and she did i told her she can go in about 2 week just to make her happy."are you ok?"zayn voice echo in my head."i think so"i said still keep my guard up eventhough my arm hurt like hell."he coming tonight"he said.i panick ."what time?"i whisper.silence fill in my head"WHAT TIME?"i said lounder but only him could hear."in about 10 minutes." he said in a sad tone"ok" i said then block him out.i start to heal my scar.phew that better.3 minutes past still no singnal.if i die  the cullens ,the pack and all those people gonna be happy."he coming now"zayn shouted.i walk out of her room .i now infront  of the bed room door."i see she have a company"the man infront of me said."Gabriel?"i said ."Fazia ? it you " we run and hug eachother."i thought i lost you"he see he my bestie since im still with my parent but we got seperate because of the war.he still good looking though(on the top)."so how are you?" i said"it alright alittle annoying about the girl squel ,what about you ? any boy friend yet?"he said.i swear the last part he said like he hoping for the answer."i don't know"i look at the ground remembering the stuff that the cullens said ."they lieing ,ignore it"he said .he hug and play with my hair."thanks,wait you the hunter?"i said"well yeah"he said.i have vision."im gonna die." i said."i won't kill you"he said"i won't let you kill her !"i said he throw me agaisnt the wall with anger.

Gabriel p.o.v
i can't kill her.she my soul mate yet my bestie.i throw her against the wall hoping it to knock her out.but nope not working.she scream in pain."you can't have her she done nothing"she yell."please let me suffer instead"she add with tear streaming down her face.i walk up to her and kiss her cheek."we sorry darling we have to" i said then open the door.i saw a girl about fazia age.oh yeah im 3 years older than her."hard to get you"i said."please" fazia beg."no"i said .i point my gun at that girl."die in peace"i said.she squeze her eye shut i shot the gun but..

Fazia p.ov
i block the hit me right in the stomach."if you kill her you kill me"i hiss."im sorry" i heard him whisper.i throw him against the wall until he was knock out or so i thought.i drag the danica out and tell her to phase she did as so.

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