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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


1. morning to hell...or heaven?

Danica Molina p.o.v

Argg i hate Monday .i rolled over my bed and start to choose out an outfit .i rush down stair and get my stuff then hurry to school.
Phew i thought i was late.i slowly run to my class room and found that i'm not late in fact I'm 1 hour early course Fazia always come 1 hour before school start to studies .
she was dress in a blue denim outfit today. Her high heel swing as she reading the text book

"OMg pig must be flying that Banica here early" Fazia squeal.

"not funny " i groan .Just before i could move some one bum into me

"hello floor" i hiss .

"I'm sorry, are you OK love?"an angel voice that the one and only harry styles have. Crap

"umm I'm okay "i slowly get up.Then my ankle twist and Fazia is smirking in her sit. Oh Did i tell you she is immortal?

"owww" i yell .

"see she not okay take her to the nurse room"she said with her famous'french accent' even though she Asia.

"really I'm  oww"i wince. oh that girl i kill her.

"come on" harry said then carry bridal style. Fazia just wave at me meaning'good luck'.When we are at the nurse room my pain slowly disappear.Harry get out the ice pack and drag a chair to put my led on it

"Better?" he said.

"i think so" i still blushing. What is it with me when I'm around harry.

Harry p.o.v
She so quite but i have to admit that it cute.i trying so hard not to look in her chocolate brown eyes .Her leg heal then we back to class again.oh how i wish that she i got to know her more. Maybe i will, who know

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