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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


5. don't trust me

Harry p.o.v
i felt so guilty about the snog.i decide that today I'm gonna  apologized to her.i run to her house and appear in her room but it was empty."you a little late mate " zayn voice pop in my head."what do you mean"'she got depress and run out .oh and i heard that there a wolf hunter after her"zayn said"do you know where she is?"i beg"yes in the old mansion of Parastle deep in the water fall"before he said any thing my tear slid down my face.i block him and rush to my house.why is this happen to her?.it all my fault i shouldn't have let her go.i punch down everything i see not caring how much it hurt even if i am a Matroy.what should i do i want her back.i can't go in the water fall it gonna hurt me like hell .but for god sake of love i gonna train.wait there Danica I'm coming for you....

i can't believe Sam kick fazia out for his imprint.i mean if he love her he should let her stay."Paul Seth PAUL SETH"i heard Emily voice echo"what?"me and Seth said."you guys been staring at the wood for 30 min now."she said"what ever you say women i going out"Seth said.whoa he never said anything like this."same here"the rest off us minus Sam and Emily said.then we left and go to the clif."i feel sorry for her" Jacob said"yeah she just turn 17 and got homeless" Jared said."we should look for her"i said."AWESOME"they shouted.the search start!

Danica p.o.v
i still tied up but i got food and stuff.i think something is going because every ten minute fazia will said i need hunting or stay and she left then come back like she scare something gonna happen."I'm not scare I'm just not want any one to know I'm here. "she said .stupid my reader"shut up !,from now on you can't talk"she said then suck all my voice out with her this how my life will end."not exactly,you should be grateful I'm not kill you now." she smile.then again she start walk out and do her 'hunting'.one of the memories flash to my mind
*flash back*
i was playing with fazia in this mansion ."hey will you kidnap me if i do some thing wrong"i said"of course not,trust me"she smile and we keep playing
*end *
"you say i can trust you "i shouted.she stop and look like she want to say something but keep it."because ..."she walk up to me and bend down"i not that girl anymore,i have been waiting for both of us to be old enough to kidnap you"after that she disappear.why?

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