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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


7. coming to an end'

Fazia p.o.v 2 minute before she start kidnap(or helping)Danica.

"i have to tell you this,the wolf hunter is looking for your little friend because they think she  a dangerous"Zayn said in my head."im not going to let that happen"i said .it true."what if it might cause your life"he said in a worry tone."if it woth it then yes,beside who careif i died.i mean my parent abamdon me,the cullens think im a bitc* and my adoptive dad just kick me out"i said in matter of fact tone."if you said so"then he left.what can i do to protect her?.it take me 3 day then this idea pop in my head.i went to her room and so her sobing."im sorry"i said before i knock on the door.she slowly walk over."hello"she said but i knock her out.i walk up to her and lift her up.i took her to the empty basement og her next door neibour.she sleeping so peacefully.a memory flash in my mind the one where i never see before
There's silence tonight in the darkness
No dogs bark and no one call out.
Smoke drifts up from the valley
and far off one single shout.

We lie close to keep out the night cold
Beside me my father 's asleep
But my mother lies wide -eyed and sleepless
Too weary even to weep

The war came for no real reason
For anger in somebody's head
for vanity and small paper gods
three days and our village was dead.

There was blood right outside in the garden
where Gabriel and i use to play
where my cat used to lie in the sunshine
where my grandmother sat everyday

*got intterupt*
i got intterupt by Danica movement.i lie to her that i drink blood i don't want her to her mind there alot of stuff going on right now.i let her float so she doesn't have to hurt me like hell but i keep it.i told her to stay and i came back with food.i make sure she sleep then i decide to keep my guard up.i never leave her side.i lock all the doors and window there are by my power afraid that if i left she will be in danger.another memories slip into my mind
i stare at the sky in the darkness
the stars and the moon are still there
and the sun still there
but the skylark have gone from the air
what the?.

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