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Bad guys VS Bad Boy


4. broken promise

Fazia p.o.v
i woke up to a room not my room though it more like  Sam room.i walk down the stair and saw a boy n the pack."hello there "i smiled " what happens?" Sam ask"i was running back home at the wood when a wolf jump at me,yeah that it" i said . then i look at the boy and i was him. i walking  backward "how... why" i said."clam down fazia" the voice who i realize that is....ZAYN said."werewolf?"i ask" yes and i want you to move out,my imprint will replace and i not want two girl in my house" then i pack my stuff and leave with out a word.why do people hate me so much?. i was walking as far as i could. no where in particular." so homeless now are we ,now now i have to warn you this...."he tell me everything. OK plan start now!

Danica p.o.v
day past and night fall but  i still broken.he left me in this mess.i heard a knock on my window pane and i saw fazia." hello" i said then she threw against the wall and my last image was she walking up to me.i woke up against  a cold floor."so you awake my little girl"i try to move but i got tie up."tut tut you can't escape now darling"she smirk . i try to phase but i got electric shot inside"silly girl i not that crazy .now hurry along we have to move and i need to hunt"she said"but u not drink blood" i said "oh but i change honey and i not drink just any blood i drink human blood"she giggled.then she left me up and let me float."now hurry up" i follow her up to a house no like a mansion." you stay in there i need to do something.i slowly land on the ground.this is so not her.she come back with some food and left .why is she kidnap me?

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