My love, My Life, If only he knew.

'She's beautiful'
'She's drop-dead gorgeous'
...But I want him back... I want Harry back...

This story is a fan-fic over One Direction (sorry) And Philipa and Harry's
relationship is deteriorating, but then Harry joins One Direction and completely forgets about Pipa, or did he?


3. Chapter 3

 ~ Kiss me Quickly


~Harry's P.O.V

  I grabbed Pipa's soft arm and delicately pulled her towards me.

'Well, if I must' I smirked watching her beautiful cheeks rising and hearing a quite giggle. I can tell she is in a better mood. We scoured the city until we reached the London eye and climbed into a white caradge. We glanced through the see-through walls. I smiled at Pipa as she zoned out staring at a building. This was killing me, she was ripping my heart to shreds.... Suicide was playing in my mind but I knew that was out of the picture.  


~Pipa's P.O.V  

I felt a walm slender arm winding around my waist, I didn't wriggle out his grasp, it was comforting. I turned my head and burried my head in his soft curls. 

'Im so sorry' I heard harry quietly say.

'no, it wasn't your fault, I'm sorry, it was all my fault, I should of kept my mouth closed, it was between us.' I could feel his stomach turning just at the thought of our past. I turn and rap my arms around his neck. He lifted his head, as did I then I felt a warm, moist feeling on my lips. He was kissing me. I didn't know what to do so I returned the favor. His walm lips embracing mine. a shiver ran down my spine and stayed, making sparks and excitement. It felt so comforting knowing I was here but this all changed my plan. 

' I still love you' the words that were embedding themselves into my brain, needless to say they slipped out... I was distraught but I was happy in Harry's delicate arms. I needed him to know.  I don't know how long had passed but I knew it was too long. Someone had taken a picture of me and Harry kissing. It must have been at least 20 minutes we were together and already we had been caught. Oh God.   


~Harry's P.O.V


  I didn't care if the pap had seen it, I just knew it would be over the news in a flash. I rushed Pipa out of the caradge, paid and ran, we ran as fast as we could and ended up in an ally way. I stared at pipa's golden eyes, she looked mystified. ' Lets go somewhere else, that was fun!' she really hasn't changed. I grin at her, and lean in eventually kissing Her plump lips once more. My heart and fame was locked in a cage that this beautiful woman held the key to. I held her hand and we got to a cafe.   


~Pipa's P.O.V


  I felt like my heart was locked in a cage with spears piercing it. He was toying with my emotions like I had never experienced. The pain and suffering felt just as good as the passion and desire burning a hole in my wounded chest. Hiding it away was my secret, if I hid away no-one would be able to peel the skin off my treacherous emotions. My life from the perfect state it was in was being buried alive as I spoke, being replaced with a hard shell and soft inner but the problem was that I couldn't get to the goo inside my bodily functions. Harry will be the death of me if I don't get a grip. I wouldn't be able to see my friends and family as much anymore but only because if I left now I would never find an answer of what to do with my passionate delicate love life. My mind would just flick between 'Just fuck him already' to ' I love this boy but he can't know... I'll just go and silently die in a hole than should I?'   


  ~Harry's P.O.V


  I stared at pipa's bewildered face, she was obviously thinking about something important, something so deep that it's taken over half an hour just to think about it. I decide I should break the ice.

'Hey pip, what do you want to eat?' I hope this breaks her out of her deep trance. 'Pipa' I repeat. I still get no reply.

' PHILIPA!' I raised my voice. A second later she shakes her head and just stutters

'What?' her golden eyes have flecks of ice blue in them, but im sure she didn't have them earlier. 

'Babe, what do you want to eat? A bagel, bacon butty?' 

'Bacon please hun' she replies but she sounds unsure. Before I leave I see her eyes start to flutter and I start to panick.   


~Pipa's P.O.V 


 This us going to be harder than I would ever imagine but I push my bewildering thoughts to the back of my mind and focus on harry and my my bacon cob. His staring gem like eyes causing me to trance into a stare, fixated on his beauty

' what's going on in your li'lle noggin of yours?' 

'Nothing important why?' 

'just asking babe. After our buttys, do you wanna go anywhere else?'

 'can we call today a rap and start all over again a different day? Lets just go home?' 

'Ok! Well I don't mind' 

'Thankyou hun'  We eat in a mild chat and wonder off home where we are pleasantly welcomed by Louis and Niall.    


~ Secrets To tell  


~Pipa's P.O.V


The huge smile in Niall's face was distracting to say the least. I knew he was hiding something. It was disconcerting, my mind traveled around what he could possibly know. Then I pinpointed what he knew. Every time he glanced at me, his grin would enlarge. Niall stood up and motioned me towards the kitchen .

'Come with me, I need to show you summit!' his raspy Irish accent sent shivers down my spine. His voice was full of excitement and humor. After dragging me to the kitchen he whispered something. 

'I saw it Pipa, it's ALL over the news.'


'Whats over the news, dear Niall?' I knew exactly what was on the news. I could feel my cheeks burning a crimson red. I tried to keep an awkward giggle in, not very well as it slipped and Niall looked at me funny. 

'Dont lie to me, I've only just met you love' instead of intimidating it sounded quite calm and sympathetic. For reasons unknown, he had brought the remote into the kitchen with him and all of a sudden a loud noise left the shiny black speakers. 

'is this the end for"Haylor" or is the mischievous Harry Styles just being naughty again? Today he was spotted with a different girl'  my eyes were glued to the lifeless screen as pictures of me and Harry were shown.  'and in these photos we can see that he was liking his kiss! I've been Chelsea Briggs with your hollywire hot minute.'   The screen shut down and I stare in horror at what had just flicked upon the screen . As i see Harry staring blankly at the same screen my face burns with embarrassment. I run into Louis bedroom to find him sorting his clothing out. 'Fuck, FUCK FUCK!!!' I scream knowing everyone heard me. Louis sat on the end of the bed and rubbed my quivering back.

'its alright love, Harry doesn't go out with Taylor and he does love you, really, he does. Don't panick'

Don't panick.

Those are the last words I need to hear.
A loud knock rasps on the door. Louis opens it to find a very pink Harry.

I was obvious he felt the same way about the whole incident, but was it an accident? The question played on my mind for a minute or two, they say everything happens for a reason, and this reason is that we still loved each other.  He walks closer to me and see a tear roll down his puffed up cheeks, why is he crying though? Harry is a major star now and management are basically doing this for him, except he is doing it for himself this time.

Not for fame.

I grab his neck and force him into a hug, but he didnt fight against it. 
'I'll just leave you two alone then shall I?' oops, I completely forgot this was Louis room. As he quietly leaves us in peace, Harry pushes me down onto the bed and kisses my cheek. After climbing in after me we cuddle and cry for about 20-30 minutes. What have I done? I know if I leave everything untouched I will get in the way of things and I will cause a fiasco.  And if I leave without anyone knowing, I will also cause a fiasco but in a different way. 




I cradle her small dainty body and I wait for her pretty little eyelids to close. None of this was meant to happen, I thought of it in my head and i never thought it would end up like this. I should of just left her before i broke her heart again.  


~ Clearing thoughts 


  Pipa's P.O.V


I walked outside and let the cold air stab through my jeans. My mind wondering over the pettiest of things.  Letting them all get to me. My eyes started to well up. Mood swings making me go from happy, to angry, to feeling like I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. But I stood there blankly with no emotions.  Letting whatever I could just rip through my tortured body from humiliation. A warm sensation rushed through my tense body as a slender arm scooped around my waist. I relaxed into the warmth knowing it was Harry  by his distinct after-shave. letting my chest decrease, I breathed out and turned around.
'Im so sorry' the words made a shiver run down my fragile spine. Muttering through my hair I could hear him apologizing over and over again. His distraught voice quivering with tears.
It wasnt his fault. It was mine.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered  
'Dont be' It was all my voice would let me say, my sandpaper throat making it hard to sqeeze anything out. I walked into the flat as a wave of heat pushed me back. 
Victory wasnt theirs, it was all mine.

I flopped on the soft sofa and pulled out my phone. I flipped through facebook in about 30 seconds. Nothing new there then. Then twitter. I stare in emotionless  as my twitter page is rammed to the maximum with harsh, but petty tweets. One caught my eye.
"Your a meaningless nothing, your scum, nobody wants your slaggy ass on our Harry. Go back to your skip, or we WILL kill you..."
I didn't tweet back. Most of my mind was screaming, its just a hoax, dont listen to these retarded tweets... but the other part was genuinely scared.

I ignored all of the hate I was getting, i couldn't let it get to me, it was the least of my problems. All i needed to think about was getting a flat of my own, but that wasn't what was on my mind. Harold Edward Styles. His alone name made an electrical spark travel threw my rib cage making my heart pulse ten times faster creating each bone in my chest shatter to smithereens. Heartache pausing my daily routine. 
I heard a muffled voice in the background. Someone was bickering. That was all I needed -_- . My phone started vibrating on my stomache, i grabbed it and looked at the caller I.D - It was Hannah. Finally, someone I could talk to who I knew.
'hello?' I pressed the now precious mobile to my ear. 
'Hey! How are you Pipa? such a long time no see!' Her voice made a barrier of security bubble me into my own land. 
'I know right? Ohh, and about that, im about 20 minutes away! Im in London at the mo, can i come round in a bit? sorry for such a short notice!'  I just blurted it all hoping she would make sense of it. 
'1: Awesome! 2: yeah sure. 3: Why are you in Londo- holy crap!'
' Is that you on the news?'
*breath Phillapa... BREATH!!* Taking a jagged breathe i wondered how i could reply to such a response.. how could I break the news to my best  friend? I just wish this day ended about 30 minutes ago. responses were rushing threw my mind at 100 mile per hour. only just realizing I hadn't replied. I took a hand to my crinkled for-head and rubbed it.
'yes... yes it is Hannah' 
A warm line streaked my cheeks. I burst into a fit of tears
' I cant do this Hannah! I just cant! I've got to go! I'll be there at about 11, yeah?'
'ohh Pip, please don't cry you will make me cry! listen, come anytime you want, ill be here alone waiting, just come when you feel comfortable babe, i'll see you soon. Love you!' I pressed the un-holy end call button and cried my eyes out. Feeling a warm presence I knew it was watching me, not that I cared. Someone fell onto the end of the sofa. But it wasn't Harry.
'Love, please don't cry, your pretty cheeks will be stained with those ugly tears you shed.' A comforting Irish accent washed over my depressed body. He came closer to me and hugged me.I embraced his hug and curled into him. I let my eyelids droop and I fell into a deep sleep.       


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