My love, My Life, If only he knew.

'She's beautiful'
'She's drop-dead gorgeous'
...But I want him back... I want Harry back...

This story is a fan-fic over One Direction (sorry) And Philipa and Harry's
relationship is deteriorating, but then Harry joins One Direction and completely forgets about Pipa, or did he?


2. Chapter 2


~ Truth smothered in lies


~Harry's P.O.V

  Somehow I thought about Pipa last night, she played on my mind until I couldn't stand it. I couldn't treat her right.I haven't got a clue why I thought of her, I haven't seen her in 2 years or so... But something triggered my mind to think about her. That beautiful porcelain skin, those delicate cheek bones, her outstanding hair. But as I thought about her perfections I realised that she wouldn't even recognize me, she wouldn't even want to speak to me. I broke her porcelain heart and crushed it in the palm of my hand. She told me she loved me. I can only now imagine those blessed words escape her mouth. Hearing her perfect voice and smelling her minty breath on my neck, no. I thought to myself. No she probably hates me.. And anyway, im meant to be dating Taylor! Even though I hate her American guts. If a famous person can dump me, there is no way I would be able to date a normal person ... Not after what I did to my poor friend. But it's worth a try.  

~ Pipa 's P.O.V

I heard a knock at my door, not a familiar knock, quite a serious knock. I opened my creaking door to find a man outside in the rain. He looked up and I instantly recognized his face. I didn't know how to react. My mind had immediately scrambled to a million thoughts. This was a bad time for him to come and crush me again. ' Harry? What are you doing here? I thought you had forgotten I had even exsisted...' I snarled sarcastically

' Pip, don't make this difficult. Could I come in please, im freezing my ass off out here!' I smile at him, he's still got his charm, I'll give him that. 

' yeah sure, just sit on the sofa, I'll go get a towel.' im actually glad he is here, I needed to talk to him. The asshole of a man, was sitting on my sofa, but I couldn't care about that. I could feel my heart racing faster than I had ever experienced in my life before. I draped a walm towel over his muscular shoulders. 

' So what brings you down here? Must have been a long drive.' 

' yeah... It was, but I really needed to talk to you. is anyone else home?' 

'No not that I know of. So what's been bothering you?' I stare into his beautiful emerald green eyes as he stares into mine. God I've missed him. 

'Pip, I'm so sorry for what I put you through, that bitch so wasn't worth my time, but you know why I did it, don't you?' of course I did, it was the single biggest rumor around... My so-called friend told everyone I was pregnant. Which I thought I was but it turned out I wasnt. Harry dumped me for Charlotte Drews, queen of the plastics. Her unnaturally bleach blond hair, orange face, most popular girl in school. It made my stomach churn just at the thought of her. He told me it was so none of us get hurt in the process. Bullshit. But I went along with it, then one day he left me and joined One direction with no warning. I was crushed and broken. My house mate said she could her me sobbing every night. Of course I was! Did she know what this prick had put me through? I couldn't stand it. I just turned my  emotions off and turned into a blank and deathly white ghost. I never really got over it but I had to live my life. 

' do you want a cuppa?' 

' that would be lovely, thanks' his raspy voice made a shiver down my spine and tingled as it lingered at the bottom. 'philippa, I know I did you wrong in the past, but I can't stop thinking about you.'

 ' Bullshit, absolute bullshit!' I exclaim louder than anticipated 'You broke me, left me for dead. I can't stand it, it's pulling my heart apart, I thought I would never see you again... But there you are, on my sofa.'

 ' can you let me finish?' 

' sorry go on' He ruffles his hair, sighs and the continues. 'I .. I would just love it if we could forget the pas-'

'how I wish I could' 'PIP!' 'sorry'

' anyway, I wish we could forget the past and... And...' he looked away, but then I hear a crackling noise and Harrys face appeared bright red with blushing, pulls out a haribo packet, takes a ring out and says rather proudly and rather sheepishly ' will you let me call you my girlfriend again, I promise things will work out this time, I'll let nothing get in our way. So whaddaya say?' he waits expectantly until I say quite abruptly ' No! You have got to be kidding me! You think you can leave me for some dumb ass bint and then not talk to me for two and a half years and you expect me to just ignore my heart? Or whatever is left of it. Are you loosing your mind? I haven't got over the last relationship we supposedly had. Im not playing in your tedious games anymore Harry! I can't do it!' I notice a tear stream down my pink, puffy face. Emotions raging over my body.        Tears start to well up in his eyes as well. Maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh with him. His startled face just stares at mine as his piercing green eyes follow my every move. 

'But since you feel this way and im going up there anyway, I am going to come to London with you.' I smile slightly and I see Harry's face lighting up. His burgundy cheeks looked handsome against his stunning emerald eyes.

  ~Pipa's P.O.V~

  As I packed my life away into 4 suitcases, all I could think about was the fame.  If did date Harry, which I wasn't planning on doing, but if I did, I would never be able to have my life the same ever again... But isn't that a good thing? I've not had the best life but I've had a nice one, with a bit of ho-har here and there. But the fans would surely hate me. My thoughts rushed round my head as I finished packing my bags. I needed to get out of this town. Or I will surely break.  


~Harry's P.O.V~


  I tried to hide my devastation behind a small smile but she saw straight through it. Did she really see our relationship as a game? I hear quiet footsteps creak down the stairs. I smile sweetly and ask whether she is ready to go. I can see the heartache she gas been hiding for nearly three years.  'Ready' she replys. Im so glad I did this , she is just perfection, her golden eyes stare at mine. I look at her beautiful plump burgundy lips wishing I could place mine delicately on hers. 

This is going to kill me.

  ~Pipa's P.O.V~ 

  This is going to kill me.

  Harry probably doesn't feel the same way, but im hoping somewhere he does, I hope there is a hole in his heart were he feels pain for me. Then I will say yes to his proposal. I hope I will get into a situation where I can rip him apart if I want to. Be able to see his dedication.   An hour had passed and we haven't really spoken a word apart from the meaningless chatter. I break the awkward silence hoping the ice will cave in and I get everything out of that boy. I face him and stare at his glimmering emerald eyes and stutter  'So, what's the real reason im here, moving my life into yours?'  He doesn't answer for a minute then blurted out

' you don't understand, do you?' 

' what is there to understand?' 

'I love you Philippa, your literally all I can think about.' instead of breaking the silence, I recreated it..

My mind races on all possibility's until im happy with a question.

'You love me that much?' 

'Yes of course I do' 

'Then why would you leave me then?' I was desperate for this answer, I needed it. 

'I wanted to keep you safe and I didn't want you to get a bad reputation for my mistakes.'  And once again... Silence. Why am I such an idiot? I shouldn't of brought it up. I need him too know how I feel. So I work out a plan to tell him.   


~ London


  I wait in the silence until we reach London. We pull up to Harry and Louis apartment and i rush out of the car leaving my bags in the boot. I open the door and heared a rusty voice

'HARRY? HARRY! Wait, your not harry.....?'

'Pipa, nice to meet you.... Louis?'

'Oh! Your this beautiful dream of Harry's. Nice to meet you too and yes my name is Louis.' I start to blush but then I hear Harry walk in. I put everything down, grab Harry's soft hand and place it into mine and drag him out into the open.

'Show me London then.' 


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