Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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3. What?

My mind goes wild as she kisses my cheek and tells me she missed me. Does she really mean it? Did she truly miss me or did she just want to play with the remaining pieces of my broken heart? I open my eyes slowly to see her porcelain face in front of me so delicate and caring. "Do you really mean that?" I asked like a child. God was I stupid and pathetic or what? Asking her if she ment that when I already knew she despised me.

Why would he ask if I ment it? Of course I missed him! Raoul's puppy love was never a comparison to Erik's burning passion that made me yearn deep within my soul. "Of course I ment it! I missed everything about you! Your music, your kind words, your tenderness, your voice! I missed you so much! Especially the way you make me feel" I replied urgently, needing him to know that what Im saying is true!

I blinked several times, dumbfounded when I heard her say she ment it. My jaw must have dropped through the floor! My hands started to shake and my heart felt like it was thumping out of my chest like a drum.
She ment it! She truly ment it! Not even thinking twice I wrapped my arms around her in a passionate bear hug. "Christine..." I breathed into her hair taking in her flowery feminine scent, "I missed you so much. For ten years you have been gone and on each day up till this point I had lost my will to be alive. I rarely ate or drank all day and barely talked at all to Mme Giry and my daytime hobby was to either sit in that chair or try and compose music with no prevail. But now, Christine, you have returned and I have regained my will to be alive in this hell-hole once more."

He did all of those things because of me? He missed me and thought punishing himself would be the way to solve his "mistake"? I started to hurt again knowing I was the cause of all this. I never intend to make that mistake again! "I have missed you too Erik" I said meaning every word. "Every day I was without you I felt like a piece of me died inside and I started to lose hope that you were even alive. When the thought dawned on me that you had not escaped the mob, I hid away inside myself and lost the will to live as well, but death never came. Mme Giry came and told me that you were here and still alive And that is how I found you mon ange de la musique." I said feel better that I told him about what happened to me. "I don't ever want to leave you again" I said meaning every word. A warm smile spread across Erik's face. "Nor I you ma chérie"

As Christine and Erik pulled themselves away from each other, they stared passionately into each others eyes

Wow! Her eyes are as beautiful and blue as I remember them!

His eyes... They are as handsome and as amber as I remember them!

Erik and Christine brang there faces closer and closer until their lips finally met in a deep, passionate, and much longed for kiss.

Next chapter coming soon! :)
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