Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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14. To be? Or not To be?

ERIK'S POV:  A disheveled looking Raoul stood before us. His sandy blonde hair stuck out in many places. His eyes glowed with a menacing purpose while his mouth spread into a sneer.   "No. No! NONONO! Don't make me go back Erik please!" Christine wailed as she clung to the lapels of my jacket. "Hush my love, I won't let him take you" I assured her. I faced Raoul, "Come for another beating have you? Draw your sword!" I shouted at him. I grabbed my sword and unsheathed it, feeling the adrenaline pulse through my veins. I was no longer Erik Destler, I was the Phantom! I dawned my mask and punjab lasso then shouted, "On guard!" He drew his sword and the fight began. Metal clashed with metal in pure fury. Sparks flew from the steel. I approached Raoul and punched him square in the jaw. He fell to the floor, but was still conscious. As he got up he reset his broken jaw with a wince, I could here the sickening crack as he raised his sword and nicked me in the arm. Blood seeped through my white poets shirt. That was nothing compared to the constant whipping and torture from the gypsies. "merely a flesh wound" I stated looking down at the miniature slice. I mocked him to the ground and withdrew my lasso. I thrust it around his neck and pulled. "Erik! No! You promised!" I heard Christine yell as the vicomte fell unconscious. Or so I thought. I herd the click of a revolver and the shot that followed. I instantly turned to Christine to see if she was alright. As I turned I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I winced and looked down. Fresh blood started to drip and seep through my shirt. "C-Christine..." I muttered as I fell to my knees winding myself. "ERIK!!!!! NOOO!!!" I heard Christine scream as she rushed to my side. She scooped my head up and put it in her lap. She looked down at me crying. The pain in my abdomen increased every passing second. Hot fire burned through my insides as if to devour me. "Christine I love you..." I sang softly. She took off my mask and placed a passionate kiss on my cold and trembling lips. I coughed and sputtered as she pulled away. She then began to sing softly.  " Once upon another time, Our story had only begun I had a taste of joy The most I ever knew Now there isn't any time, And somehow our story is done What am I to do?" Christine began cry harder, her tears came down like tiny cascades. I sang to her softly. "Love never dies. Love will continue. Love keeps on beating when you're gone. Love never dies once it is in you. Life may be fleeting, Love lives on... Life may be fleeting, Love lives on." I coughed up blood but smiled at her knowing I was done for. "And thus with a kiss, I die." I kissed her lips one last time and faded into eternal darkness hearing Christine's high pitched cry.   xXx   Hi! Author here I know you guys probably hate me right now but there is still hope! Raoul will not win this battle! More chapters are coming! Roses with black ribbons to you all! -The Author :)
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