Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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10. The good and the bad


After one day of bed rest I could take this anymore! I ran up to the stables (this time succeeding) and mounted my white stallion. My white beast reared and took off towards my destination... The newly rebuilt opera popular. I am coming for you Christine!

I awoke from a somewhat peaceful slumber and looked down at my pale chest to see that Christine's head lay upon it. Her beautiful cocoa curls spilled down her back in a long line. I started to fiddle with one of Christine's long curls. I rubbed it between my fingers then twisted it around my finger. I desired Christine beyond belief! Her beauty was exquisite and divine, her personality like one of a child, and her laugh... Oh her laugh! Her soft yet beautiful laugh sounded like a tiny bell or some sort of chime! My hand traveled to her pale, unblemished face. I stroked her cheek with my thumb in a smooth and consistent rhythm. She unconsciously snuggled closer to my body, still in a deep slumber. "Christine... Christine... Christine" I sang softly to myself. I was taken by surprise when Christine's face twisted in discomfort and she started thrashing about madly. "GET AWAY RAOUL! GET OFF OF ME! No... No... Not that! Anything but that! Don't hurt me! Please! STOP!" I realized what was going on and gently shook her awake, "Christine! Christine!" I panicked. She opened her glassy blue eyes looking dazed and confused, "E-Erik?" she stuttered. "Yes my Angel it's me. You are safe now" I cradled her in my arms gently while my mind exploded with angry thoughts. What had that idiot boy done to her? Had he abused her? Hurt her? I have to know, "Christine, did Raoul ever hurt you in any way?". Christine looked up at me with tears in her eyes looking frightened. "Oh Erik! He did horrible things! Horrible!". I was now enraged beyond belief! "What did he do to you Angel?" I said trying to suppress my violent anger. She started to weep un controllably while choking out her horrifying answer between sobs. "H-He h-hit m-m-me, he f-forced h-himself on me and when I said f-for him to stop... H-he locked me in a c-cage in his b-b-b-basement!" she weeped. I could control my anger no longer! "THAT INSOLENT BOY! THAT IDIOT RAOUL! HE WILL PAY FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE!" I practically screamed. I started to get up when a small hand stopped me. "Erik, don't start anymore trouble. You and I are at last together and I don't want anything or anyone to change that! Please, if Raoul comes we will chase him out and NOT kill, Erik." Christine pleaded. I looked into her eyes, calmed myself down, and laid back down beside her. "Alright, I won't go making trouble." I said. Even though that little cretin deserved to die I thought.  "Thank you Erik." Christine said as she rested her head on my chest. I ran my fingers through Christine's hair and then jumped slightly when I felt Christine's lips on my jaw. I turned to face her and was now on my side. I cupped Christine's beautiful face with my hand and pulled her into a blissful kiss. I twitched when I felt Christine's tongue on my bottom lip. I can't do this! I thought, but it seemed my body no longer cared of what my brain wanted it to do. I brought her closer to my body with a quick pull from around her waist. I held her tightly in my embrace and wanted to do nothing more then kiss Christine's soft red lips. I heard a throat being cleared in the doorway of my bedroom. Christine and I instantly broke apart to see an uncomfortable and blushing Madame Giry. I could see Christine suppressing a large giggle from the corner of my eye. "I see you two are busy. Perhaps I should come back later after the romance has ended for the day." Mme. Giry mumbled comically. "No Madame, please, what is so urgent?" I questioned impatiently. "I received a letter from your friend. What was his name... Nadir Khan? He wrote that he was checking in to see how you were doing and to say he was going to visit you in about a month." said Madame Giry. That's it? No one was dying? No one actually had an emergency? THAT'S WHAT INTERRUPTED OUR ROMANTIC MOMENT? "Will that be all Madame Giry?" I asked rubbing my temples in annoyance. "Yes that is all." After she replied she spun on her heel and left. I turned to Christine and saw her laughing madly. "Whats so funny?" I asked smiling. She stopped laughing, looked at me, and then started laughing again. Good god that laugh was contagious I thought as I started to laugh with her. We laughed until we could take no more and then picked up where we had left off.


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