Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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17. the Caged Songbird



My eyes fluttered open as the sound of footsteps on the dank cobblestones echoed into my ears. Two male silhouettes came into focus as I rubbed my puffy eyes. 

"Ah, my darling songbird! I see that you are awake," Raouls' hand reached through my cage and his fingers brushed my cheek. I flinched under his touch.

"What do you want now," my voice quivered. That laugh, that I used to find charming, emanated from his grinning lips. 

"I want to strike you a deal. You may live in the DeChagny estate and be my beloved wife." I frowned and tried to withdraw his hand from my face. He grabbed my small chin firmly in his grasp, forcing me to look into his icy blue eyes.

'If you refuse you will dwell in the cellars, caged like a songbird should be, until your urge to fly away from me falters and you agree to the bargain." His confident smile cracked when I uttered a single word, "No,"

"Why ever not?" he questioned through gritted teeth, removing his hand from my cage.

"Why not, you ask? It is simply that my heart dwells with another." Raoul frowned and whispered to the persian man next to him, "Open the cage."

My throat clenched with fear as the metal bars in front of me swung outward.

"Step out of the cage and don't attempt to escape me." What is this? What is he going to do to me? I hesitently exited the cage and recieved a backhanded slap to the face. My frail and poorly nourished body crumbled and fell to the ground. I was then lifted up and thrown hastily into my cage.

"Sleep my little songbird and I will be back tomorrow. I expect to hear a very different answer when I return."  With that, my jailor and his assistant turned and walked to freedom, where as I was left alone in this hellish sewer. I started to weep with despair, but eventually regained my composure. Erik will come for me. He won't let me be trapped in this cage for much longer. He will come, he has to.


Hello Readers! 

I understand that I haven't updated in a long while and I won't give any excuses. I hope that you liked this mini chapter and I hope it will keep you satisfied until I upload a more substantial chapter. Until we meet again,

I remain your humble and obedient servant,

O.G. (the author)


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