Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

(for people new to movellas there is a blue arrow at the top and bottom of the page to go from chapter to chapter(a lot of people ask me where the other chapters are))


7. Playing hide and seek

I had been sitting at my pipe organ and working on a new opera for a couple of hours when a sheet of my music was snatched off it's resting place. My first reaction was 'what in gods name just happened?'. It then hit me, "Christine," I complained like a little child "give it back!" She giggled furiously and scampered away like a little schoolgirl. "Christine..." I huffed as I slid off my organ bench. I chased after her and it was not long before I saw her shadow on the dusty cave ground. "Christine..." I said in a singsong voice, "where are you?"

I pressed myself flat against one of many cave walls, suppressing the laughter bubbling up inside me. He was close, but not close enough! "Come out come out wherever you are!" Erik said seductively. I suddenly felt a hand against my waist and arm as he pulled me against his muscular body. Oh my! He was close enough now! "You have been caught mademoiselle!" he whispered with fake and seductive authority, "Monsieur! Please have mercy!" I pleaded playfully struggling against his light grip. "Mademoiselle I do not give mercy!" he growled playfully. I escaped his grip and giggled madly "Catch me if you can!" 
It wasn't long before I felt him haul me over his shoulder "You have committed the crime of stealing! You must pay for what you have done!" 

When I threw her over my shoulder she started to laugh like a madwoman. "Unhand me Monsieur! Where are you taking me?" she giggled as she pounded my back with her tiny fists. "Where the prisoners are put mademoiselle, the torture chamber!" I chuckled, playing along in this tiny charade. "No monsieur! Not the torture chamber!" she giggled furiously. I plopped her down on a plush couch and started to tickler her. "No! Please! Stop! It tickles!" she blurted between bursts of giggles and laughter. "This is your punishment madame"! After about a minute of tickling I decided to move to my next torture. "Mademoiselle Daae do you surrender?" I said trying to suppress my laughter. "I WILL NEVER SURRENDER MONSIEUR!" She shouted and giggled playfully. "Alright! Here is your new punishment!" I ordered "You must kiss me until I say otherwise!" I cackled menacingly.

"Monsieur, I hardly think that is the best you can come up with" I giggled while bringing my face close to his. "Do you have any better ideas madame?" he questioned me seductively. A shiver ran down my spine as I felt his breath on my cheek. "I cannot think of anything else Monsieur" I said as I brought my lips to his in one of the most exquisite kisses I had ever experienced.
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