Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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13. Honey I'm home!

RAOULS POV: I see the sun rising behind the rebuilt opera popular. I made it! Christine I'm coming for you! I ran up the marble stairs and yanked the immense door open. I ran into the lobby, my shoes clicking on the hard, polished, stone surface. "Madame Giry!!! Madame Giry!!!!" my voice echoed back to me. "Monsieur le Vicomte, what are you doing back at the opera popular?" I heard Madame Giry question with a hint of panic. "My wife?! Where is she hiding with that... Thing!" I spat with rage. She merely smiled and said "Don't you understand Raoul, if she truly loved you she wouldn't have ran from you in the first place." she turned her heel and walked up the grand staircase. I chased after her in a full on rage. Grabbing her by the wrist, I spun her around to face me and said through gritted teeth, "Where. Is. She." "I'm sorry Monsieur, I cannot help you." she said turning away, totally unaffected by my rage. "I bet you would be able to help if your precious Meg disappeared." I threatened. "You wouldn't dare!" she spat. "Oh but I would! Unless... You give me the information that I need." I love to threaten people! I thought as I grabbed her wrist again.    MADAME GIRY'S POV: The Vicomte smiled at me menacingly with his eyes sharp and unforgiving. I'm sorry Erik. "A-alright... I will show you where they are, but please... Please don't hurt my daughter!" His laugh was cruel and heartless, like one of a demonic spirit. "After you... Madame" he sniggered.    xXx   ERIKS POV: I love watching Christine sleep. I thought as I rubbed her curls in between my fingers.  She was glowing, almost radiating with beauty under the white silk sheets. I pulled the wedding band out of my pajama pocket. It was a silver with tiny roses carved into the band accompanied by a glistening diamond in the center. On the inside of the ring an inscription read 'I will love you always and forever'. Should I ask her to marry me now? I wanted her beyond belief. For once in my life I felt loved by another and not hated. But will she except? What will she say? Will she except this... this awful face?! I put the ring back in my pocket with a sigh. Why would she even love such a thing like me? I began to sing softly so I wouldn't wake Christine.                                      She looks for sympathy                                    I give her sorrow                                    She asks for honesty                                    I've none to borrow                                    She needs my tender kiss                                    She begs it of me                                    I give her ugliness                                    Why does she love me?   I took a ragged breath and sang on.                                      She yearns for higher things                                    Things I can't give her                                    The rush a lover brings                                    I can't deliver                                    And even when she sings                                    And soars above me                                    I try to clip her wings                                    Why does she love me?   My eyes stung with tears as I sang pure and true.                                      She wants the man I was                                    Guardian and teacher                                    At least she thinks she does                                    She needn't bother.                                      Beneath this mask I wear                                    There's nothing of me                                    Just horror, shame, dispair                                    Why does she love me?   "Because you are beautiful in every single way" Christine answered with a voice that wavered. I wiped the mist from my eyes when I noticed she was crying too! "My angel what's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I exclaimed frantically. "No! Of course not! But your song... It was beautiful! Was I the inspiration for that song?" the tears poured down her pale cheeks each one falling because of me. "Would it bother you if I said yes?" I mumbled meekly. "No! Of course not!" she grabbed my bony hand between her two small ones. "You are not who you picture yourself to be! You aren't a monster you're a beautiful, flawless man!" she said choking back more tears. "I love you Erik and I will never stop loving you!" she said in between sobs. I looked at her while a stray tear fell from my cheek. She... She loved me! My hear surged with joy, filling my body with warmth. With tears falling freely down my cheeks, I crushed my lips to hers. She crawled into my lap and kissed me full on. She pulled away, "Erik? Would you please take off your mask now. I want to see your full face." I went rigid. She wanted to see my face? "Mon ange, I don't..." I trailed off as her hand went to my mask. "Please, I want to see you." I nodded reluctantly as I slid off my mask. I braced myself for the scream that... Never came? I opened my eyes expecting to see that Christine had passed out but instead I was drawn into a passionate kiss. How is this happening? Why isn't she screaming in horror? These thoughts were drowned out as we deepened the kiss. I am in love! I hope she is too. I pulled away from her angelic face and kissable lips. "Christine, I-I have something to ask you..." I stuttered nervously. "What is it Erik?" she implied. I got off the bed and she followed. Here goes nothing! I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and said with confidence, "Christine, will you do me the honor, of becoming my wife?" Oh god that took so much energy! She ran over to me and hugged me with a force that sent us both tumbling onto the ground. "Yes! Yes Erik! A thousand times yes!" she exclaimed with delight. Oh thank God! Wait, WHAT?! Did she say yes!? I'm getting married to my love! My Christine! I was bursting with joy! Until the door burst open, "Honey I'm home!"   xXx   Authors note: Cliff hanger? Where? I'm sorry for leaving you guys in this position :l there are more chapters on the way! The song was not mine; it is from love never dies and it is called why does she love me. Please leave some comments below!!!!  Wedding rings from Erik to all of you! - The author :)
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