Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

(for people new to movellas there is a blue arrow at the top and bottom of the page to go from chapter to chapter(a lot of people ask me where the other chapters are))


11. Haunting pain and burning passion


I am close now I thought as I silently approached Christine's room... She was brushing her cocoa hair in front of the mirror and humming to herself quietly. I snuck into her room watching her ever so slightly, this would be funny if it worked. I snuck up behind her making sure she wouldn't see me. I was within an arms length of her and was suppressed my chuckles. "Boo." I said simply. Christine gave a slight squeal and fell off her chair in shock an fear. I started to laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe and soon fell to the floor in mad laughter. Christine crawled over to me in one of her hilarious rages. "Erik! That wasn't funny! Not at all! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" she exclaimed looking as intimidating as a baby penguin. This made me laugh even harder. I rolled on the ground laughing like a crazed maniac and soon Christine joined in. For five minutes was lay there laughing, when we finally calmed our selfs I looked deeply into Christine's blue eyes. She looked at me with so much intensity I thought I was going to burst from her looking at me in such a way. She kissed my cheek, then my jaw bone, and finally my lips. I pulled her into my strong embrace, kissing her back with all my might. I twitched slightly as her tongue caressed my lip with a burning desire. I grabbed a fistful of her hair gently and passionately with one hand and ran my other hand up and down Christine's back. I yearned for her to be mine forever, for her to stay with me forever... Willingly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer as I groaned unintentionally. This was a blissful experience like no other. 

As we kissed I pulled Erik closer as he moaned into my lips. I loved him beyond belief! I wish he could be mine forever and stay with me for all eternity. I ran my fingers through his thick black hair and grabbed a fist full, tugging slightly. My back started to ache from the hardness of the floor. As if reading my mind, Erik carried me bridal style to my bed. He plopped me down gently and then lay beside me. We were both panting from the experience we both shared. I looked at him worshiping his beauty with my eyes. How I wished he would take that mask! It's not like I haven't seen his face before, it looked so uncomfortable. I snuggled closer to him thinking of ways to have him take off the piece of elegant plaster. He put his arm around me and asked, "Is something troubling you my angel?" I didn't want to ruin the moment so I said, "No I'm just admiring your handsome face". He seemed shocked when I said that, as if no one had ever said that to him before... Oh Erik! "Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone." I sang. Realizing this immense pain I pulled him into a passionate kiss, willing to be his forever, to have him forever in my heart.

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