Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

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6. Former fiancé rage

RAOULS POV: An expensive glass smashed on the floor (A/N: this was caused by Christine's angry fiancé Raoul). "WHERE HAS THAT STUPID B**** CHRISTINE GONE?!?" Raoul screamed seething in one of his many drunken rages. "WHY DID SHE LEAVE?! AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER OR DOES SHE JUST WANT TO BE WITH THAT FREAK OF NATURE, ERIK?!" he threw another brandy glass on the floor. "THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! I AM GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD ERIK FOR TAKING MY WOMAN AWAY FROM ME!" the drunk vicomte armed himself with his pistol and sword while he ran outside to the stables. He was halfway there when he stopped in his tracks feeling a strong wave of nausea coming over him. He grit his teeth as he leaned up against one of many tall oak trees. Surely nausea wouldn't stop him from reaching HIS Christine. He ran once more through the dense woods that led to the large stable when he doubled over just in time to empty his stomachs contents onto the grass. 'Stupid alcohol!' He thought as he heaved once more. 'That liquid should be banned from the world! It was stopping him from getting to his beloved Christine! His poor... Poor Christine. God only knows what that retch is doing to her now!' He took a few more stumbling steps towards the stable and then gave up and fell asleep on the cool grass.


Hi guys! Sorry for the short chapter :( I do hope you liked that I featured another character into the story! More updates coming soon!
Your most humble servant,
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