Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

(for people new to movellas there is a blue arrow at the top and bottom of the page to go from chapter to chapter(a lot of people ask me where the other chapters are))


9. Christine's dream


I am walking with Erik through the rebuilt opera popular when Erik is jerked from my side. "ERIK!" I scream after him. He fights back at the attacker with fury. "RUN CHRISTINE! RUN!" he screams. I begin to run at the attacker when I am suddenly jerked from my pursuit by a firm grip that holds me at bay. "Let go of me!" I scream as I kick my attacker. He whips me around to face him and I see none other then my former fiancé, Raoul. "No... Please... Not you!" I panic and struggle to escape this foul mans grip. "Don't take me away from him! Please!" Raoul just sneers and knocks me to the ground making me hit my head in the process. As my eyes flutter the last thing I see is an unconscious Erik being dragged into a cage that is thrown down into the cellar. "Erik" I barely whisper as I close my eyes and fade into the darkness. I awake traumatized from my dream to find Erik sleeping peacefully beside me. I decided to not tell Erik about this horrid dream that haunted me but to just merely let it go. After all these things do happen. Feeling somewhat reassured, I put my head on Erik's muscular chest and fell into a much less disturbing slumber. 




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