Forever In My Heart

Christine has come back to Erik but why? Will they find love again?

(for people new to movellas there is a blue arrow at the top and bottom of the page to go from chapter to chapter(a lot of people ask me where the other chapters are))


15. A series of unfortunate events

NADIR'S POV: I can't wait to see Erik! It's been almost too long since I saw him last. I do hope he is well. I walk over to the west side of the building and opened the trapdoor that would lead me down to Erik's lair. As I made my way through the dark and twisting corridors, I saw faint candlelight at the end of the passage. I passed by the murky lake. "Erik? Are you here?" I implied in the main room. I guess not. Maybe he is still sleeping. As I entered Erik's room, I was horrified by the sight that met my eyes. Blood stained the large carpet, it's source; Erik. I vomited, disgusted by the foul stench that reached me. You'd think that being a doctor helps you get through these things I thought to myself. I rushed over to him and checked his pulse. His heart beat faintly, but at least he was still alive. "Erik, what happened to you?" I whispered to myself. I examined his body. He had been branded by a hot iron to form the shape of a cross going down his torso, his left foot and 5 ribs had been intentionally broken, his wrists were slit, and there was a penny sized entrance wound on his abdomen; probably caused by a bullet. "If you survive, you have a long road to recovery." I said as I set to work.  

CHRISTINE'S POV: Where am I? I sat up and banged my head on several metal bars.  "Ouch!" I rubbed my head. I turned to the left and I saw the same thing, bars. I turned right and saw I was surrounded. I'm caged... Like an animal! Beyond the bars were endless black corridors that smelled of sewage and swamp water. "Erik? Erik!" I pleaded. Then I remembered. Erik is dead. No. No he isn't! He can't be! We were finally happy! It's just a dream, wake up! I pinched myself hard and tugged at my hair. Nothing worked. I crumpled into a ball and started to cry. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!" I screamed to myself, convinced that he would... Could listen to my antics. The images of Raoul mutilating Erik's body were burned into my mind. 'All monsters deserve to die a painful and repeated death, Christine. I hope he burns in hell!' Raoul spat (literally). I started to scream Erik's name over and over. After two hours my fruitless attempt to summon Erik by screaming dissolved and I was reduced to huddling in the corner of my cage and crying while thinking, He won't leave me here, he will come for me. He loves me too much to let me die.

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