Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


6. The Pink Haired Devil


Aria’s POV

         I spilled out everything. I told him the reason for my mental breakdown at his house, a flashback of Serena’s death. Also who Serena was and how she died and when.

         “I-I am so sorry,” Zayn stuttered out, he seemed shocked and overwhelmed at what I had revealed. “I see why you were… hesitant to tell me,” Zayn continued.

         “Yeah, I guess it’s just… hard for me to talk about,” I replied.

         “It’s just I suppose I was ready to hear about a painful breakup not an um… bad accident.” Zayn said.

         “I get it,” I replied a true smile appearing on my face. Zayn and I walked back into the bustling party and he rejoined Perrie as I soon walked over to Victoria. I danced and sang for hours laughing and talking to Victoria and my other close friends. I partied for what seemed like hours until I walked off to the bathroom. I started walking out of the party room when I heard the bickering voices of Zayn and Perrie. I decided to listen in on what Perrie had to say.

         “Zayn, I can see that you like that Aria girl,” Perrie said through gritted teeth.

         “Perrie, I love you and that’s all that matters; I swear I don’t like her,” Zayn replied in a soothing tone.

         “Don’t lie to me Zayn you two practically kissed during your karaoke duet,” Perrie replied clearly jealous.

         “Perrie, you are exaggerating, we did not almost kiss,” Zayn replied trying to stay calm.

         “Whatever you say Zayn but I can tell you are falling for her,” Perrie snapped back. I could see the anger bubbling up in Zayn.

         “Perrie, would you quit being so full of yourself, last time I checked the world didn’t revolve around you!” Zayn yelled back letting out the mounds of built up anger.

         “Zayn you are beyond full of yourself and if you really cared about me you wouldn’t have spent the whole night with a loser you barely know.” Perrie screamed back in response.

         “It’s me or her Zayn, once you decide, tell me,” Perrie replied in an obnoxious whisper. I saw Zayn walk back into the party passing right by me. He hesitantly walked in but quickly turned around and walked out the front door, slamming it behind him. From the window I saw the headlights of his car flash on and the rumble of his car turning out of the crowded driveway. I was in utter shock; did Zayn really like me? What was up with Perrie? Perrie obviously had a better chance with Zayn than I did. I mean she was drop dead gorgeous and well I was just…normal. I walked through large throngs of people, pushing past them to find my friends. As I was walking and searching through the people, I felt a warm, dainty hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Perrie Edwards facing me, here eyes dark with anger and her lips pursed.

         “Can I help you?” I said, sounding obnoxiously sassy.

         “Aria can we have a chat,” Perrie replied in the same rude tone. I followed Perrie out of the party room, slouching and rolling my eyes in disgust.

         “Perrie I haven’t talked to you since you started acting like a total b-“ I cut myself off. “I mean I totally miss talking to you,” I finished faking a smile.

         “I miss you to Aria,” Perrie started off sarcastically “and MY BOYFRIEND!” Perrie yelled.

         “What does your boyfriend have to do with me Perrie?” I snapped back. “Just because you hate me doesn’t mean you can blame your relationship problems on me!” I yelled my anger spilling out uncontrollably.

         “You have got to be joking Aria!” Perrie snarled back. “ Zayn and I are having problems because you are constantly flirting with him.” Perrie yelled.

         “Me?” I started off, “I think you have got the flirting problem,” I finished. “And also, it’s not my fault Zayn likes me better than you.” I screamed at her, quickly filling up with regret. Perrie’s eyes welled up with tears.

         “Say whatever you want Aria, but Zayn will choose ME over YOU!” Perrie yelled back. We both bickered back and forth, both of us crying and screaming at each other. After many nasty comments from both Perrie and I, the argument quieted down.

         “I am so sorry Perrie.” I stuttered, wiping away tears.

         “I am so sorry Aria.” Perrie spoke, her voice shaking.

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