Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


5. Perrie's Birthday Bash


I opened the front door to my house, my arms full of shopping bags packed with new clothes and makeup. I called Victoria over to help me with hair and makeup and of course to make the final decision on what to wear. Just as I was about to take a nap, I heard Victoria walk into my house.

“Tori, I am upstairs,” I yelled down to her from my bedroom.

“Okay, I am coming,” she screamed back. Victoria walked into my room, staring in a disgust at the mess that lay before her eyes.

“I am sorry-“ I started off, knowing Victoria would eat me alive because of how “unsanitary” it was.

“Whatever girly, we need to focus on what you are going to wear,” Victoria interjected.

“Okay!” I replied enthusiastically. I watched as Victoria looked through what I had purchased and then at all of the clothes in my closet and drawers.

“So…” I interjected breaking the awkward silence.

“Aria, none of these clothes scream A-Lister Party” Victoria replied. “Do you have anything else?” Victoria cried out. My smile quickly turned to a frown and my eyes began to well up. I pushed back the lump starting to form in my throat and tried to control myself.

“Serena’s clothes,” I whispered in a soft tone, my eyes beginning to well up.

“Are you sure Aria?” Victoria replied wrapping me in a hug. She probably guessed I couldn’t handle the memories of her. The truth was she was absolutely right, I couldn’t, but Serena had gorgeous clothes, some that she designed herself.

“Yeah. I will be fine,” I replied wiping away my tears and smiling. Victoria squeezed me in a tight hug then let go looking into my sad eyes. I walked down the deserted hallway, turning towards her room. The door was closed and you could tell the room hadn’t been used in a while. Victoria turned the handle hesitantly and we both walked in. I hadn’t been in since her death and I walked around, recalling the time we spent here. I passed pictures of Serena and I, smiling at a beach as waves crashed behind us and another picture of us dressed up in ridiculous costumes, Serena only about 8 years old and me only 6. I walked passed her messy desk with papers and homework and by her bed, the covers still in disarray. I sighed inhaling the room’s almost musty scent.

“You haven’t been here since-“ Victoria started off.

“Yeah,” I quickly said, trying to avoid the words “death” or “died.”

“Well, let’s get searching,” Victoria started, moving towards Serena’s closet.

“No, we don’t need to, “ I replied, having a certain dress in mind. I opened Serena’s closet, flipping through hangers and dresses.

“What do you think?” I said holding up the dress on the hanger.

“Amazing!” Victoria exclaimed in joy. I walked back to my room and went into the bathroom to get changed. I put on the gorgeous dress Serena designed. The dress was black peplum lightly sequined. I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress complimented my curves perfectly and was the absolute perfect length. I twirled around smiling; I had to admit for once I looked amazing. I showed Victoria and she had the same reaction I had. Immediately, she sat me down and began to curl my hair and apply makeup. My hair looked a lot like Taylor Swift’s except for the fact my hair was golden brown. My makeup was down to perfection; not too much and not too little. I grabbed my bag and Victoria and I rushed out of my house to “Perrie’s Birthday Bash.” I drove up Stamford Street keeping an eye out for her house. I approached a house I knew must be hers because it was a gigantic mansion surrounded by cars and I could already hear music blasting from inside. Victoria and I hopped out of the car and opened the door to a raging party.  

I walked into the house to see Perrie and her band Little Mix singing their new songs on a semi-stage. The party went wild as people chugged down beers and danced like crazy. As Little Mix finished their musical number, Perrie announced that it was karaoke time. Perrie asked for volunteers and naturally now one volunteered since it was early and no one had had enough alcohol to sing in front of most of our grade. So, the members of Little Mix chose random people to come up and sing. One of the members pointed to Zayn and then Perrie pointed to me.

“Perrie!” I yelled. “I don’t want to someone else-“ I started off slowly. Perrie cut me off and motioned for me to come up with a nasty smirk on her face. At first, it didn’t seem clear why Perrie had chose me, but after seconds of thought I realized why. Perrie could tell Zayn and I had become friends, and obviously she didn’t like me because of that. So she was most likely trying to embarrass me in front of everyone, assuming I couldn’t sing. I cautiously walked on the stage, shaking in fear.


Zayn’s POV:

As soon as Aria walked on the stage I couldn’t help but notice how stunning she looked, from her dress to hair and face. My jaw immediately dropped, of course she looked pretty before but now she looked beautiful. I could see Aria blushing, I smiled at her reassuringly and we both flipped through songs.

“How about A Team by Ed Sheeran?” I suggested.

“Um, Okay,” she replied her voice still shaking.

“Perrie, A Team please?” I shouted out to her.

“Okay,” she replied and the background music began to play.


I started to sing,

“White lips, pale face

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste

Light's gone, day's end

Struggling to pay rent

Long nights, strange men.”


I smiled, waiting for Aria to begin singing. I didn’t expect much considering half the girls at this school were tone deaf but I decided I wouldn’t judge Aria till she started singing.


Aria started singing her voice smooth and sweet,


“And they say

She's in the Class A Team

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since eighteen

But lately her face seems

Slowly sinking, wasting…”


I got lost in her voice, it was beautiful and every note she sang was perfectly on pitch and key. Everyone melted out of my sight and all I saw was Aria. We finished the song and everyone clapped for us. I winked at Aria and I walked off the stage. Aria waved back, smiling. Aria walked off the stage and disappeared into the crowds of people. I walked past crowds of people, trying to follow Aria and congratulate her. I followed her outside onto the deck where only a few people stood. I saw Aria looking out on the starry night. I could hear her crying softly, barely audible.

“Aria?” I said. Aria turned around startled by my presence.

“Hey,” she replied in a happy tone. I could tell by her voice something was troubling her, but I couldn’t tell what.

“Look, I am so sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to be nosy or anything.” I replied back looking into her sad brown eyes.

“No it’s fine. I am sorry for yelling at you, I just get…defensive I guess.” She replied back smiling.

“Yeah well I just wanted to congratulate you, you sounded amazing!” I exclaimed, remembering her sweet voice.

“Thanks, you were amazing too,” she replied back as a loose tear fell down her face. She quickly wiped it off and smiled.

“Aria, I don’t mean to be nosy it’s just I can tell there is something wrong,” I said concerned. “You don’t have to tell me-“ I started off, trying to prevent from making the same mistake as yesterday.

“No, it’s okay, I will tell you.” Aria replied.













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