Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


19. New Apartment


Aria's POV

            I walked lazily downstairs to the kitchen and glanced quickly over to the calendar. I screamed in horror, my parents would be coming home today and the house needed to be spotless for when they arrived. Right after Serena's death, my parents decided they needed to "get away" and therefore they decided to take a month long vacation to Hawaii, without me. Although they may say they took the trip to "heal" I believe they used her death as a motive for vacation. I quickly ate a simple breakfast of an apple and a bowl of Cheerios and I began to clean up the house. I walked over to the couch where blankets still lay astray and popcorn kernels and eye catching candy wrappers still littered the floor. I grabbed a vacuum out of the kitchen closet and began to vacuum all the carpets. I folded all the blankets and neatly put them back into the closet. I straightened up the pillows and cleaned up the cluttered kitchen. I ran upstairs and organized my bedroom and made my bed. I scampered downstairs again and sprayed all of the rooms with air fresher giving each room a strong lavender aroma. I made last minute touch ups and then took a quick shower. I reapplied makeup and put my hair up in a messy bun. I threw on a pair of Pink sweatpants and a t-shirt and sat on the couch watching TV. I heard the rumble of my parents BMW pulling into our driveway. I jumped up from the couch and turned off the TV with the click of a remote. I heard the doorknob click and I felt a cold breeze enter the house from outdoors. I looked at the doorway to see my disgustingly tan parents walk in. My dad carried the many suitcases overflowing with clothes while my mother carried only her new Coach bag.

            "Aria!" my mom exclaimed smiling.

            "Mom!" I yelled back trying to imitate her fake enthusiasm. I wasn't a genius but it was quite clear my parents were not thrilled to be back home.

            "How have you been?" My father asked.

            "How have I been?" I asked in annoyance, bubbled up anger beginning to spill out. "Well, my sister died and my parents decided to runaway to Hawaii for a month while I sat in a deserted house wanting to die," I screamed at them, anger exploding from all angles of my body.

            "Please Aria stop being so selfish," my mom exclaimed.

             "Last time I checked, my parents decided to go to Hawaii, not me!" I snarled.

            "OUT!" My dad yelled at me is face darkening a shade of red by the second. "I want you out of my house by 3:00 pm!" My dad snapped back.

            "Okay," I mumbled, knowing I had gone too far. I ran upstairs and began to pack up all my belongings in duffle bags and suitcases. I went to Serena's room and packed up everything I would want or was of sentimental value to me. I texted Zayn and he said he would allow me to stay with him and the boys. Zayn and I carried the endless suitcases of my clothes and junk to both of our cars. As soon as we had carried everything into our cars, Zayn began to walk towards my house.

            "Zayn please don't," I yelled, knowing he would go in and furiously scream at my parents.

            "Aria, if they kick their own daughter out of their house-" Zayn said through clenched teeth.

            " Please, I don't want you to get hurt, " I said quietly.

            "I won' t physically hurt anyone," Zayn replied.

            "I know you won't but my dad had no trouble hurting Serena and I and I know he will hurt you," I said through tears.

            "He hurt you?!" Zayn yelled.

            "Yes," I mumbled.

            "My mom and dad were only really nice to me after the accident and Serena's death but that is where the niceness started and ended," I replied.

            "Oh," Zayn said, putting his arm around me. With that, we both got into our cars and drove to Zayn's house.


Time Pass


            I placed the last suitcase on the floor and groaned running my fingers through my hair. I sat down on the floor and leant against the wall. I sighed and looked at the photos I had saved onto my phone. The photos were deceiving, in all the family photos, the four of us looked happy. In reality, our family was far from it. My parents were always running away on plush vacations or busy working, and when they weren’t, they acted like complete jerks. My dad would insult Serena and I, tearing us down and sometimes would even hurt and abuse us. I can recall the pain of my dad’s hard smack, the pain stinging my cheeks. But that rarely occurred, we barely even saw our parents. When Serena died, my parents acted loving and supportive but now they have shape-shifted back into the lousy parents they have always been.

            “Hey,” Zayn said, sitting down next to me.

            “Hey,” I replied softly.

            “I know that maybe you don’t feel the same way-“ Zayn started off.

            “Zayn, I love you,” I interrupted, “I feel the same way as you feel about me,” I finished off smiling.

            “Well, I was thinking that maybe, we could get an apartment together then since you moved out of your house and it might get awkward for you to live with the boys,” Zayn replied.

            “I think that would be great,” I said, giving him a peck on the cheek.


Time Pass


            After many days of searching for cheap, but livable apartments, we finally found one that suited us. I had to admit; I was super excited to be living with Zayn. After a few days, we sealed the deal and began to move in. Both of us had agreed we would live here until high school graduation and then we would both attend college. Zayn may not attend college and instead focus on One Direction and his music career. After that, we planned we would get married, live in a mansion and have kids together but that was only a fantasy right now.

Author's Note: 

Hello My Viewers! I would like to say again that I love you guys so much! Thanks so much for all the views! I reached my goal of 1000 views! I will be writing the final chapter soon and I will try to post it asap! I am pretty sure I am going to write a sequel but I am not positive yet. Anyway, thanks for reading! 

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