Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


18. Hate

Aria’s POV

         I grabbed an apple from the kitchen counter and scampered into my car. As I buckled my seatbelt, I turned on the radio to my favorite station. My jaw dropped, the duet between Zayn and I was playing, I could hear our voices blended perfectly together singing the chorus to Stay by Rhianna. As I flicked to the next station, the duet between One Direction, Victoria and I was playing. Right now it was Victoria’s solo and we were all about to belt out, “And let me kiss you.” I smiled; Victoria and I were now semi-accomplished singers! I drove into the school parking lot and as soon as I spotted Zayn’s dark mop of black hair I ran up and hugged him.

         “Hey love,” Zayn said, kissing me on the cheek.

         “I heard both duets on the radio this morning,” I replied.

         “Both?” Zayn questioned.

         “Apparently Paul finished touching up our cover to Stay,” I said.

         “Oh, cool,” Zayn replied smiling.

Time Pass


         The last bell of the day rang loudly in my ears. I walked out to the parking lot and drove to my house. Immediately, I ran upstairs to my room to check out my twitter page, I was planning on posting links to the two duets I had recorded yesterday. I typed in my password and pressed ‘Log In.’ I scrolled down to see 500 comments scattered on my page. In confusion, I began to read them since I had never had this many comments.

         “Stay away from MY ZAYN.” -@anniewilliams

         “YOU SUCK!” -@katieblanchard

         “I hate you, your are so ugly, Zayn deserves better!” -@lizsmith

I had only read 3 comments and I could already feel tears welling up in my eyes. I had totally forgot that Zayn was a celebrity and everything in his life was public and whom he dated could be a cover story for a cheesy tabloid. I scrolled down and read some more dirty comments from other angry fans. I tried to keep myself from letting the comments get to me but I couldn’t help tears from streaming down my face. I didn’t know what to do but close my computer and cry. I cursed as I heard the doorbell ring; I had to pull myself together since I had a gut feeling Zayn was waiting at the doorstep to my house. I rushed into the bathroom, wiping off tears and smudged makeup. I applied mascara to my upper lashes and swiped a thin layer of foundation across my cheeks and forehead. I dotted my cheeks with blush and brushed my hair thoroughly and finally, perfected my fake smile. I stumbled down the staircase and ripped open the front door. 

“Hey,” Zayn said, kissing me on the cheek. I saw him glance into my eyes and immediately a frown appeared on his face. “You’ve been crying,” He said.

“No,” I replied, a lump forming at the back of my throat.

“Aria, what happened?” Zayn asked, looking sad and worried.

“Nothing,” I replied softly.

“Aria, I only want to help,” Zayn said hugging me. I pulled out of his embrace and stepped back.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” I said to him.

“W-why?” Zayn quivered.

“B-because,” I stuttered, “Because we just can’t okay?” I finished quickly.

“Aria, please-“ Zayn started off.

“No, you can do better and I think your fans would agree,” I said, my voice fading slowly towards the end.

“Oh Aria, don’t let them get to you,” Zayn said understanding. “What did they say?” he asked.

“They hate me Zayn, but they were right, you are way too good-“ I started rambling, millions of thoughts spilling into my mind. Zayn leaned in and pulled me into a deep kiss, he put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck leaning in closer. We stood there kissing in deep embrace until we both pulled back, staring into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” I said, smiling.

“I love you more,” he said, leaning in again for another kiss. I took a deep breath and leaned in; my lips smashed against his.


Time Pass


Zayn’s POV


         As soon as I got back to my house, I ran upstairs to my room. I opened up my twitter page and immediately began to write a post that discouraged the horrible and nasty comments my fans had been torturing Aria with. Though, I wasn’t too surprised, this had happened to Eleanor and Danielle too (Louis and Liam’s girlfriends). The hate comments had never popped up with Perrie and I since our relationship was short-lived and relatively private since I had decided to finish high school. I clicked the ‘Post’ button and closed my computer hoping that my fans would stop being so hurtful and nasty.

Author's Note: 

Hello my pretty little directioners! Love you guys! Thank you so much for all the views, comments and everything! "Broken But Still Sparkling" is coming to a close soon : ( I think I am going to add two more chapters then end the story. Also, what are your thoughts on a sequel? Yes? No?

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