Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


3. Falling For Zayn? No!


Aria’s POV:

            I sat in Mr. Anderson’s history class, still in shock. Zayn Malik had tried to grab my butt; he is so damn perverted. Class started and Mr. Anderson started to ramble on about some history project we would be doing with assigned partners and how this project would “determine our grade.” I rolled my eyes, why did teachers have to be so obnoxious? Mr. Anderson was interrupted when Zayn walked in, Perrie Edwards holding his hand and drooling over him. Perrie Edwards was the most popular girl in school so I wasn’t shocked when she and Zayn hooked up. She too, was a stuck up jerk just like her perverted lover, Zayn. Mr. Anderson’s smile quickly turned to an “I am so disappointed frown” as Serena would say.

            “Mr. Malik, please sit at the desk next to Aria and Ms. Edwards please find a desk near Adam.” Mr. Anderson stated, clearly upset tardy students interrupted his boring lecture.Perrie Edwards rolled her eyes in complete disgust and plopped down in the desk next to Adam, avoiding him as much as possible. Zayn had the actual nerve to ask Mr. Anderson who I was. Considering the fact he tried to grab my butt I considered he would at least have known my name. I saw Mr. Anderson point to the empty desk next to mine. Zayn’s sly smile quickly turned to a nervous frown once he had pin pointed me as the girl whose butt he had tried to grab. Zayn sat down next to me and we both listened intently for whom are partners would be for the “Russian History Project.”

“Please find a seat next to your partner once I call out the pairs, Perrie and Christopher, Victoria and Scott, Aria and Zayn…” Mr. Anderson droned on. Aria and Zayn? I almost screamed, why me? Mr. Anderson finished calling out the partners and dismissed the class before we could meet up with our new partners. As soon as the bell rang, Perrie chased after Zayn, looking like a total slut in the shortest, tightest dress I had ever witnessed. 

Time Passes


The next day, I walked into the dreaded history class to find Zayn sitting next to an empty desk. I sat down next to him hoping to get started on our Russian history project.

            “Sorry about yesterday-It was a dare and…” Zayn started.

I could tell he was lost and didn’t know what to say so I interrupted,

“It’s fine, I am sorry about your hand,” I interjected quickly.

“So, shall we get started?” He questioned, a handsome grin reappearing on his face.

“Uh, Sure,” I replied back, smiling. From across the room I saw Perrie flirtatiously waving at Zayn, Zayn waved back almost humiliated by her constant obsession and need to be with him. I could see why, Perrie literally worshiped Zayn; all she ever talked about was Zayn.Perrie was head over heels for him but by the look on Zayn’s face I had to guess he didn’t feel as strongly.


Zayn’s POV:

Damn was Aria hot! Her eyes were ocean blue and her hair was wavy and golden brown. Her makeup was done perfectly and her smile lit up the whole classroom, on top of that she was kind and smart and… I can’t believe myself! I mentally slapped myself, Perrie and I are together and perfectly happy, what was I thinking! I snapped out of my thoughts and into reality.

“I can do the poster if you want,” I suggested innocently.

“Uh, okay,” she replied back, looking…deep in thought?

“I will do the write up then!” She replied cheerfully.

I didn’t know what I should do, would it be too awkward to ask Aria to come to my house and work on the project? I mean she still seemed shy towards me and after what I did to her; I guess I can see why. Finally I built up the courage to ask her, “Hey, Aria, I was wondering if you know you wanted to come to my house after school to work on the project,” I asked sounding nervous.

            “Okay, where do you live?” She asked hesitantly probably guessing I live in a huge mansion. That part I can’t actually deny, I do live in a pretty large house with “my boys”.

            “Oh, uh, I live on 34 Bradford St.,” I replied back, hoping this revelation wouldn’t come back to bite me.

            “See you then,” She replied as the bell began to ring. 

Time Passes


I warned the boys to be on there best behavior since I was bringing home Aria. Louis gave me a look, shaking his head. I looked over at Liam who was also smirking and then over to Harry and Niall who were also snickering.

            “What?” I asked, in total utmost confusion.

            “Look mate, you are already dating Perrie-“ Niall started off, trying to sound logical.

            “Wow!” I exclaimed, “Niall, I never said I wanted to date her-“ I started off.

            “Zaynster, you didn’t have to, I think it’s pretty clear,” Louis said accusingly.

            “What is that supposed to mean?” I replied, beginning to feel embarrassed.

            “Look Zayn, we can see it, the way you talk about her, the look in your eyes-all were saying is don’t hurt Perrie or Aria,” Liam finished.

            “Guys, I swear, I am still in love with Perrie and no one can ruin our relationship not even Aria,” I said back, confident.  


Aria’s POV:

I drove over to “The One Direction” house where I knew I would be forced not only to interact with the Zayn but the other members of the group. Zayn I had disliked at first but now I had other feelings for him I couldn’t identify. The other members of the band made me nervous since I barely new Zayn and would feel lost talking to them on a personal matter. I walked up the doorsteps to their grand house, and I meant grand when I said it. I rang the doorbell and almost immediately Zayn opened the door welcoming me inside. My heart beat fast; I felt anxious around him and started to blush out of nervousness. The other boys came up to introduce themselves and Zayn lead me upstairs to his bedroom. Zayn’s bedroom was a typical boy’s room, blue wall, the floor cluttered with dirty clothes and junk and soda lying everywhere else. He led me to another section of his room with a relatively large desk and two empty chairs. We sat chatting and working on the project until Louis yelled for Zayn to come downstairs and help him with a homework problem. Zayn of course went downstairs leaving me to awkwardly look around his room. I sat up at the desk alone looking at pictures of Zayn and his family and then of pictures of him with his closest mates and of course pictures of him and Perrie. I could hear Zayn’s footsteps on the stairs and I sat back down, ready to keep working. 


“Hey,” Zayn chirped.

“Hey,” I replied back casually. We started back on the project, working for about thirty minutes. It was then I had a sudden flashback of the car crash and Serena, the screams seemed almost real again and I could feel the sharp edges of glass cutting into my forehead. My heartbeat quickened and I tried to control myself but I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. Immediately, I hopped out of the chair, trying to find the nearest bathroom.

“Aria love, what is wrong?” Yelled Zayn, chasing after me. Finally, he caught up to me, he wrapped his arms around me and I couldn’t help but cry into his shoulder.

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