Broken But Still Sparkling

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason they are the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them. Aria is still grieving after her sister's painful death. When Zayn comes into Aria's life they immediately click, the only thing holding them back are lies, past drama and secrets.


10. Fake


I tapped my foot impatiently, staring at the clock as it slowly ticked. I looked at the nurses, dressed in scrubs ushering patients into box shaped rooms where the doctor would be waiting, a cheesy smile upon there face. I walked up to the front desk confirming my yearly physical at 12:30 pm, since already the clock now read12:45. The receptionist nodded her head and told me the doctor would be “ready in a jiffy!” I felt my back pocket vibrate; I yanked out my phone and read a text from Victoria, “Smuggle Perrie’s file from the doctor’s office! I will explain later.” I was in complete shock and confusion, why would Victoria want me to steal Perrie’s file? Currently, Victoria was the one and only person in my life I had trust in so I tried to devise a plan. My thoughts were interrupted by one of the nurses calling for me. The worn out nurse lazily ushered me into a typical office where the doctor greeted me. After thirty minutes of typical checkups I was free to go, but before I could exit I would have to get Perrie’s file. I wandered the long hallway, searching for rooms that might contain patient files. I spotted a possibility and entered the deserted room. I was enclosed by rows of shelves stuffed neatly with manila folders that read the patients name in bold letters. Thankfully, the files were arranged alphabetically. I walked down the aisle, eying the names closely. Finally, I was able to pick out the a file that read “Edwards, Perrie.” I turned to silently exit the room when I heard the click of a doorknob followed by the soft patter of footsteps. I cursed under my breath, trying to decide the best option. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the power box. I crawled over to it, I opened up the clunky power box and shut off the power in room “#24.”I heard a yelp and then the footsteps wander out of the room and the door slam. I flipped the power switch back on and I silently walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind me. I held the file under my arm and quickly walked out of the building to my car. I turned on my car and drove out of the crowded parking lot to Victoria’s house. I turned the corner onto her street; I spotted her house on the right side of the street and turned into her long driveway. I saw Victoria immediately open her front door and usher me, clearly very eager.

“Do you have the file?” Victoria yelled. I held up the folder in my right hand and a smile spread across her face. I walked into her house and followed her up the steep staircase. I turned into Victoria’s room and she slammed the door, locking it.

“Okay, you probably are wondering why I asked you to take Perrie’s file,” Victoria started.

“Duh!” I replied.

“Okay I asked you take the file because I am suspicious that Perrie may not be pregnant,” Victoria said. I stared at her in shock, millions of thoughts running through my mind.

“Victoria, Zayn said Perrie was pregnant, “ I started off, “ Also, I saw a bump starting to form not to mention she is on a pregnancy diet,” I said.

“Aria, she is lying,” Victoria started off, “And I can prove it,” she finished confidently.

“How?” I replied.

“When I was going into the bathroom, I saw Perrie adjust what seemed to be a bump under shirt,” Victoria started off, “I got curious so I decided to investigate further, I was able to get Jake to hack onto her phone and I read suspicious text messages,” Victoria said.

“Okay, well the truth is in here,” I said, holding up her file. With that we began to go through the papers. My mouth gaped open, I scanned one of the top papers, it stated that the last time she visited the physician was two months ago. Perrie had just figured out she was “pregnant.” I called over to Victoria and she too thought that it didn’t make sense, further proving her point of Perrie’s fake pregnancy. If Perrie really were pregnant, she would have visited the physician less than two weeks ago. As we flipped through more papers, nothing mentioned pregnancy. I suppose Victoria was right.

         “Victoria, I think you are right, but we can’t prove Perrie’s fake pregnancy with the evidence we have,” I said.

“What are you talk-“ Victoria started off, “Oh right, these files are confidential and technically they are stolen,” Victoria finished.

“Yup,” I replied.


Zayn’s POV:


         I sat next to Perrie as we watched television. As I put my arm around her, all I could think about was Aria. A smile spread across my face but slowly faded, as I remembered we would never be together. After all, I would be a father soon. I looked down at Perrie’s stomach and smiled down at the bump of life that would be my first child. I glanced down at her stomach again and couldn't help but scream. 

“PERRIE!” I screamed.

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