1 Reason to die and 2 to live

Elle is 19 she is beautiful,funny and popular and oh yeah she is suffering from depression and when she finds out she has cancer her whole life is ruined , will she survive??!!!


3. The last Breath

We headed to the Canteen Talking about Fajitas and how spicy we liked them. I liked them very very hot and he liked very hot. 

''I'll have the strawberry Muller yogurt with an innocent smoothie please'' I said, Niall looked at me in shock ''I know, I know but I love strawberries '' I smiled sweetly at him he just shrugged and asked for a plate of chips with LOTS of tomato ketchup. ''it's 10 o'clock in the morning and your having chips''

''Hey a guys gotta eat!'' he laughed again I just love his laugh. We went and paid for the food and got a table but as soon as I sat down I started Hyperventilating. Niall called for help as doctors came rushing out of nowhere. Niall told me to keep breathing. the last thing I remember is Niall holding my hand. Just keep breathing, just keep breathing, just k  e  e p br 

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