1 Reason to die and 2 to live

Elle is 19 she is beautiful,funny and popular and oh yeah she is suffering from depression and when she finds out she has cancer her whole life is ruined , will she survive??!!!


4. Kiss

When I woke I felt a sharp pain in my chest ''They put a machine in  to help you breathing'' I looked around and saw Niall he looked worried. ''how's Harry'' I asked him ''oh harry yeah he's fine'' he seemed to have forgotten all about Harry. ''how long have I been asleep'' I asked ''a week. You've had 2 more operations as well as having 3 fits''


''I was really worried''

''I'm Hungry''

'' ahahahaahaha'' That laugh again '' btw you have to stay in a wheelchair  so errr I will wheeeeel you down to the canteen'' He picked me up bridal side and put me down in the wheel chair then he kissed me. I saw rainbows everywhere and I realised that I have fallen for Niall Horan one direction band member

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