1 Reason to die and 2 to live

Elle is 19 she is beautiful,funny and popular and oh yeah she is suffering from depression and when she finds out she has cancer her whole life is ruined , will she survive??!!!


2. Food

After my op I found I was really hungry so when I had finally prised myself off my mum I went down to the canteen. 

''sorry'' said a young blonde Irish boy as he walked into me

'' you will be'' He chuckled at me  '' its not funny you could have killed me'' I scowled at him and he laughed again. His laugh was lovely

He looked up '' at the sign from were I can from it said  LUNG CANCER PATIENTS ''oh jeez.. I'm so sorry. I never realised you had'' he found it hard to get the word out ''lung cancer'' I replied. He looked sad '' my band member Harry has just had his first op'' '' OMG so have I''

'' Wanna grab a bite to eat''

'' yeah.. Im so hungry''

'' well we have something in common then'' we both smiled at eachother and walked down the stairs heading to the Canteen. ''I'm Niall by the way'' 

''i'm Elle.... Haven't I seen you before I asked him''

'' I'm in one direction''

'' OMG ''

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