1 Reason to die and 2 to live

Elle is 19 she is beautiful,funny and popular and oh yeah she is suffering from depression and when she finds out she has cancer her whole life is ruined , will she survive??!!!


1. The Hospital

Sitting in the waiting room waiting to find out if your bike has broken your ribs isn't funny especially when every breath you take hurts, I wince and my mum puts her hand on mine '' you'll be fine sweetheart'' and I trust her.

A few painful bee movies later a doctor comes and asks me and my mum to step into his room. We follow him to a white room that has an x ray board up. '' so he says'' he takes a big breath  ''the good news is you have no broken ribs'' me and my mum smile at each other '' however'' he continues ''we found something in your lung and we think you may have lung cancer''

I stare into space looking at all the white walls, they seem to be closing in, I'm finding it harder to breath. I hear my mum start to cry but I just get up and go, I walk out of the room and continue to the exit, but before I can make it I pass out.


''Elle,Elle,Elle can you hear me baby''

I open my eyes to see my mum with her head in her hands, I shuffle up the bed and touch her hand '' mummy'' ''Elle, oh your okay'' she lets out a big sigh of relief '' your going in for your first operation next week'' she said. Her eyes were read from all the crying so I just nodded. I started crying then the tears couldn't and wouldn't stop flowing. I went down to the canteen to get a bottle of water. 

I passed over the 90p to the checkout girl, said thank-you, I walked off and back to my room and drank the water.


I repeated this for a week until my operation, I was checked and the I was drugged the last thing i remember was seeing my mum nodding her head at me ... Then everything went black.

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