My name is Storm, Like the weather.


1. ONE



''Lauren, Benji, Storm get outta bed now.. breakfast is ready''. My auntie shouts, I ignore her but Benji and Lauren rush downstairs.''STORM OUT OF BED NOW!!!''. I tell her to get lost.

***** 2 hours later in school*******

'' hey storm'' says Ali, she's been my best friends since nursery and when my mum died she didn't piss of like everyone else she was there for me ''hey Ali'' is say back

She slides into the seat next to me with a bag of donuts, I pinch one from  the bag and bite into it, the sugary coating reminds me of the pancakes my mum use to make, I smile thinking about. '' hey storm.... check out him'' she says looking in the direction of a  tanned guy with a cheeky grin of his face, he's looking at me.

**** after english*****

'' dya reckon he fancies ya'' says Ali as we walk out of English '' how am i ment to know'' i scowl back at her '' ooooh do I hint a bit of jealousy there’’ I scowl at her and she just laughs as we head to art






Jake’s P.O.V

I think her name is Storm, she’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she looks amazing, like a model.


‘’ hey man how you doin’’ says dil as he shoves me

‘’ cool bro, do you anyone called storm?’’ I ask him

He smiles back ‘’you mean Storm as in Ali’s best mate’’

‘’ I don’t know who Ali is’’

‘’ jeez man … she’s my girlfriend and her best friend is Storm’’

‘’ Oh right yeh man..’’

‘’ you’ve got the hots for her haven’t ya’’


‘’ your secret is safe with me’’ he smirks and walks off as I head in the opposite direction to Sports.

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