Wheelchair Girl

When teenager Cassie Harris is on the way home from a date with the gorgeous Jace Fairchild, she finds things don't exactly go the way she wants them to. She wakes up in hospital to find she's been in a car accident and with the news that she's paralyzed from the waist down. With the help of her family and best friend Jessica Holmes, she finds that she can still live life to the full - even in a wheelchair. But, will she ever get to go on that second date with Jace? And will he ever fall for her?


3. Chapter 2


"Jessica, he can't come over. I don't want him seeing me right now. Not like this." I said, panicking a little bit. Once again, tears sprung to my eyes. My best friend's once warm face dulled down a little as she frowned at me. "Look, Cassie, you're going to have to face him one day or another. He's worried about you. Its not fair if you keep him in the dark. He really cares about you. Just, be nice when he comes over. Don't try and push him out." my mother said to me, putting her hand on my arm. I smiled and nodded, pushing my worried thoughts to the back of my mind. "Right, what's the worst that could happen?" I shrugged, making both Jessica and my mother smile again.   Fifteen minutes later Jace had rung my doorbell, and I watched Caleb answer the door. My mother put a hand on my shoulder, squeezing slightly. I looked up at her and smiled before turning around to look at Jace's face. I still remembered his warm smile and his hazel coloured eyes that fit perfectly with his chestnut brown hair. I looked down to my own dull, lifeless, red hair which I immediately thought needed washing. "Cassie? Jeez, what the heck happened to you?" Jace said, rushing over to me. I looked down at the floor, trying not to cry again. He put his hand under my chin and pulled my face up, making me look directly in his eyes. I could see that he had a worried look on his face and his eyes had dark circles under them, presumably from lack of sleep. "I was involved in a head on collision, Jace. On the way home from our date.. Apparently my car rolled and, well, now I'm paralyzed from the waist down. I can't move. At all." I said, letting the words pour out of my mouth. The tears, once again, finally spilled without my permission. Jace got up and hugged me, trying to wipe the tears from my eyes. "I'm so sorry, Cassie. I should've been the one to drive you there and home. To make sure you didn't get hit." he said, sighing. I shook my head. I didn't want him to blame himself for my accident. He wiped the last tear off my face and stood up. Jessica walked over to him with a glass of water, and he immediately took it. I recognised this as shock, and felt bad. Once he'd finished with his glass of water he smiled at me, and put his arms around me. I smiled and layed my head on his shoulder. We stayed like this for ten minutes before he got up.  "Sorry, Cass, but I gotta go. When are you starting school?" "On Monday, hopefully. I can't deal with the time off." "Okay, well, is Jessica picking you up or should I?" "I'll pick her up, 'cause she's gonna need help dressing and stuff so I'll be here early. Cassie knows I want the experience in being a nurse, anyway." Jessica piped in. "Okay, well, I'll help you out of Jessica's car and wheel you to some of your lessons that Jess doesn't have with you. Is that alright with you?" he asked, smiling. I nodded and gave him one last hug before he left my house.    "See, I told you it was a good idea you letting him come over." Jessica said, smirking as she layed down on the second sofa. She and my mum had managed to help me lay myself down on the sofa. This would only be a temporary arrangement, as my mum was getting an electrical chair lift installed on the stairs. I laughed at her comment and turned my head to face her.  "Yeah, I suppose so. He seemed really sweet about the whole thing." I replied, smiling at the thought of him wheeling me to some of my lessons. Jessica caught this and laughed. "You really like him, don't you?" I nodded, thinking. I thought about what it'd be like going to school on Monday, what would happen with my PE classes, how I'd get up the stairs to some of my lessons.. "Shit." I swore quickly, thinking aloud. "What? What's wrong, Cass? You okay?" "Yeah, just.. How the hell am I meant to get to my upstairs lessons?"  "Oh, didn't your mum tell you? She contacted the school and transferred your lessons downstairs, which is why Jace'll be taking you to some, as his lessons are all downstairs, too." she laughed, smiling at me. I nodded and turned my head back round to face the ceiling, waiting to finally fall asleep.   Sunday didn't go too fast. I spent most of it sitting in my wheelchair. Getting dressed was fun. Jessica walked upstairs and got some of my clothes and underwear and, much to my embarrassment, locked the door and changed me without no difficulty. She then did my hair and makeup and, with Caleb's help this time, got me in her car. We drove to the mall to go get a caramel and coffee frappuccino and blueberry muffin. As we walked into Starbucks, the strong smell of coffee and other sweet foods hit my nose. Jessica wheeled me over to a table before walking off to the counter to order. When she came back with the coffees and food I offered to give her back the money, but she quickly shook her head and announced that it was her treat to me. I laughed and smiled at her and we sat in silence, just drinking our coffees and eating our blueberry muffins. "So, what did the doctors say when you woke up? Is there any chance in you being able to walk again?" Jessica finally asked the question, making me sigh. I nodded before speaking. "The doctor did say that I could regain feeling below my waist, and then I'd have to go through a series of sessions of physiotherapy before being able to comfortably walk again. So, pretty much like a baby taking its first few steps. Just going one step at a time." I told her, making her grin. "Good! Well, lets hope you get your ability to walk back before nine months hits us." she said. I laughed at her and smiled. "Why nine months?" "Hello, silly, prom! I am not having you miss out on one of the biggest high school parties of our lives. It just wouldn't be right. Plus, I couldn't go without my best friend." she said, making me smile more. "Let me guess, you'll need someone to go prom dress shopping with you and for you to make try on all the prettiest dresses and for you to advise on what dress to go in?" "Of course! And who better than my all-time best friend?" "Okay, okay, on one condition?" "Anything." "You tell me who that is over there holding hands with Jace?"
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