Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


4. Meeting the band

Jess's p.o.v

I could'nt belive it One Direction only the worst boy band ever. A boy with blond hair stepped forward.

'Hey you must be Jess I heard your our biggest fan' he said grinning.

I looked round and glared at Countrey she gave me a weak smile.

'Well you could say that' I answered.

'We'll just be outside' mumbled Dad hurriedly running out of the room.

'So um do you want an autograph' mumbled one of the boys.

I groaned 'i guess so'.

The boys looked shocked 'Um why don't you seem very happy'? answered one of the boys who I think was the hottest.

'Maybe because I think your a rubbish band and I'd never want to be seen with you in my life' I shrieked.

I looked at the boys, they looked stunned. I could'nt bear to look at them. I ran out of the room up the winding staircase and threw myself on the bed crying. It was so unfair I was so happy about this day and now it had been ruined by One Direction. Deep down I knew it was nothing to do with One Direction they had been really nice to me, I was the one who acted like an idoit.

A few seconds later there was a knock on my door.

'Come in' i said.

Its was Dad 'Hey Jess just thought you should know that me and Countrey are going out for dinner you'll be alright on your own, won't you'?

I smiled weakly and Dad 'Sure I'll just order room service'.

Dad walked towards me ruffled my hair and walked out the room. I felt so guilty he had no idea how rude I'd been to One Direction when they did nothing wrong. I rolled across the bed and looked at my phone 5am ages till bedtime I watched tv, had dinner and did some sort of yoga. That had to be at least two hours I looked at my phone 5:20 how could time move so slowly. Enough was enough I got out of bed and went to explore.

When I arrived in the hallway I could see a dozen or so girls singing what makes you beautiful. I pulled sick faces as I walked past. Along the corridor I past a swimming pool and a few saunas. God this was place was like at palace. Right at the end of the corridor I found a gymn. I walked inside amazed there were treadmills, rowers and just about every other sports machine you could think of. The gymn was empty apart from a boy wearing a hoodie. I walked over to him I might as well get one friend while I'm here.

'Hey whats your name'? I said to the boy.

The boy slowly turned around and took of his hoodie. Oh no it was one of the boys from One Direction, the boy that I thought was hot.

'Ohh its the screamer' he answered.

I blushed, 'Um'?

'Louis' he said.

'Thanks look Louis about this morning I'm really sorry' I mumbled.

Unbelivably he grinned back 'Its ok as I'm such a thoughtful person I'll forgive you'.

'Thanks, hey do you think you could do we a favour'?

'Sure what do you need'?

'Could you help me with my One Direction trivia because seriously I know nothing' I whispered feeling embrassed.

'On one condition, you let me take you out tomorrow night' he called.

'Um well' I stuttered.

'Great 7pm same time same place see you tomorrow babe' with that he picked up his hoodie and ran out the room.

Seriously what the hell just happened.


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