Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


7. Loving the Band

Jess's p.o.v

After we'd finished breakfast, I hurried out of the room to find Louis. I eventually found him in a side room marked private. I knocked on the door and a boy with blond hair answered (the same one as yesterday).

'Hey Jess' he said cheerily.

'Hey um'

'Niall he answered.

'Um hey Niall can I come in'?

He looked worried.

'I promise I won't shout a you'.

'Ok' he answered he opened the door and we walked inside.

The room was like a palace Louis was playing on the x-box with a boy with curly hair and a boy with a shaved head, and a boy with black hair was alseep on the sofa.

'Hey Jess, sorry about earlier' said Louis.

'Its ok' I answered sitting next to the boy with curly hair.

'Time for your 1D trivia' said the curly haired boy.

Ten minutes later I knew all about One Direction. The boy with the black hair is called zayn, the boy with the shaved head is called Liam and the boy with curly hair is called Harry.

'Hey babe don't forget about our date tonight' whispered Louis trying to sound romantic.

Harry just happened to be drinking a can of coke. He laughed at Louis strange voice and coke came flying out of his mouth spraying all over Liam and Zayn.

'Time for payback' screamed Zayn, he grabbed a bottle of coke shook it and then sprayed it all over Me, Harry and Louis.We started screaming and ran around the room like maniacs. A few minutes later we all collasped in a heap laughing.

'Seriously this is the best holiday ever' I shouted.

'Yeah and Its only just beginning' answered Niall.

Louis pulled me close to kiss me but at that moment my phone buzzed.

'Sorry guys its Dad I have to go' I mumbled.

Louis smiled at me and just when I was about to leave the room he whispered, 'Don't forget I love you'.

I grinned and then ran out of the room feeling on top of the world, Louis really does love me.  

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