Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


17. Hospital

Jess's p.o.v

A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and took Louis away. I'd rung Harry and Zayn, Niall and him where here.

'I'm sorry, It's all my fault' I said.

Zayn put his arm around me. 'Hey its ok Jess'.

'Hey guys look at this' said Niall grabbing his ipad.

Niall was on twitter and there were about two thousand comments all which had been posted in the last ten minutes, all about Louis. Some people were saying how sad they were and some people were saying stuff about me like, 'Omg its all her fault' and 'Wow why would Louis date such a monster'.

'Told you its all my fault' I mumbled.

'Come on Jess we've all been cyber bullied before' whispered Niall.

I could'nt bear it they were all being so nice to me even though I'd done the worst thing in the world. I started crying the tears I'd been holding back all morning. Zayn put his arms around me and we all got into the van.

'Where are we going'?

'Don't you want to see Louis Jess' said Harry.

I nodded slowly, 'Wheres Liam' I asked feeling all choked up as I was still crying.

'He'd already gone home before the accident  answered Niall as we drove up to the hospital.

The outside was a complete mad house. There were about a hundred fans screaming and crying and security was trying to hold them back.

'I can't go out there they'll all start booing' I hissed.

'Come on Jess, do you want to see Louis'? said Harry up to now he'd been staying calm but now I could see tears in his eyes.

We got out of the van and walked into the hospital, of course as soon as most of the fans saw me they started booing but I tried to ignore them. We went into the reception area and walked down endless corridors, eventually we got to Louis room. He was lying in the bed his face blank and he was attached to some sort of machine.

'Um I'll give you guys a bit of space' said a nurse hurridly walking out the room.

'Hey we'll see you in a few minutes Jess so you can be alone' whispered Niall, him and Zayn were also crying as well as Harry.

I sat down next to Louis and grabbed his hand.

'Come on Lou remeber everthing you know the first time we met which wasn't well the best of starts. What about that time we met properly in the gymn and you asked me out. Also the time I found you in my bed and the time you destroyed the managers nieces wedding cake the list goes on. I said.

I was hoping he might move or at least squeeze my hand but he did nothing he just breathed in and out.

'I'm sorry about what happened it was all my fault, I love you Louis' I whispered I bent down and kissed Louis gently on the lips.

'Get well soon'.

Authors note

Sorry I know these chapters are sad but I promise you they get happier. :-)

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