Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


29. Epilogue

Hey guys so this book is over but some people wanted a bonus chapter so I thought why not write one. Its kinda short

Jess' p.o.v

'Lou let me see' I moaned.

Not only had he woken me up at 10:30 (I went to bed early) in the night  dragged me out of bed, forced me onto a ferry and thrown up all over my best shoes he also wouldn't show we were we were.

'Just two more seconds' he whispered exitdly.

I sighed and let him leed me, we seemd to be going up stairs up and up higher and higher my legs ached and my feet were rubbed red raw but we still keeped going. After what seemd like hours we finally stopped dead in our tracks.

'Ok open your eyes in three,two, one now'.

I opened my eyes and looked out the moon was shining upon us bathing the whole place in golden light. We weren't in thorpe park or in another hotel we were in Paris right on top of the eiffel tower.

'So you suprised then'? he asked grabbing ym hand.

'Well unless all this is made of carrots then yeah I am suprised' I laughed looking downwards as the world flashed before me.

In front of us was a church with a clock tower on the top. It was almost midinight, time to do just one little thing before we went away. I looked out to the moon, grabbed Louis hand closed my eyes and made my wish just as the clock struck midinight. What better place was there to be then Paris with the boy you love.



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