Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


35. Could I do this sequel chapter 5

Zayn's p.o.v


I slammed the door shut and fell to my knees, I grabbed a mirror and looked at myself Jess was right I was skinny and I looked like I was a ghost. I picked up my phone and looked on Twitter words like racist, hate, stupid, thick and death appeared on the screen I couldn't bear to read them I slammed my phone shut and lay against the door.

What was the point of me living all I got was hate yes we had the most amazing fans ever but right then all I could concentrate on was the haters. I looked through the pictures on my phone a few of them were of me and Jess but most of them were of Jess and Louis they looked great together like a perfect couple I can't believe I was stupid enough to think that she could ever be mine.

I slowly got up and walked to my dresser I looked around and got out a knife the blade of the knife made me shiver but this was what I had to do the only way to get away. I switched on my phone and texted Louis

Look I hate everything right now nothing feels right, ur probably wondering why I'm sending you this but this is important what’s the point of me living nobody cares so now’s time for me to do the thing this will be the last time I ever see you guys but I need  to do this. Don't try and stop me Lou cause I know what ur like xxxxx (ur band mate Zayn who's now gone)

I hit send then regretted it about two minutes later why did I text Louis he'll be round here in a flash trying to stop me. I grabbed the knife and fiddled with the handle I bent my head and thought this is what I have to do.

Louis' p.o.v

'I can't believe it how dare Courtney do this' Jess snapped slamming the phone down.

Her Dad had just left a message just casualty saying that his girlfriend was pregnant now Jess was really mad and was kind of taking it out on me.

'I mean who does she think she is and how dare Dad do it its stupid right Lou'?

I didn’t reply.

'Louis' she shouted.

'Sorry yeah so stupid um Jess isn't her name Countrey'?

'Courtney, Countrey same thing for all I care' she shouted running her hands through her curly brown hair looking desperate.

Before I could reply my blackberry started buzzing, I grabbed it from the table in the kitchen and checked who it was I had a message from Zayn.

'Weird what could Zayn want at' I looked down and checked my watch '7:30'.

'7:30 isn't that late and besides I think my worries are just a tad worse than Zayn's' she snapped angrily 'anyway what does it say'?

I opened up the message and scanned through it I couldn't understand what he was talking about he was just going on and on about haters.

'So what's it about'?

'Wait hang on almost done'.

'This will be the last time I ever see you guys but I need  to do this' I read 'need to do what he's not making any sense what the hell is he talking about'?

'Give it here'

I handed it over and Jess started reading at first she looked bored but her face started turning whiter and whiter the more she read. When she was finished she handed the phone back to me here hand shaking.

'Lou' she whispered.

'What'? I replied.

'I hate to say this but I think Zayn's going to kind of commit suicide'.

My blood ran cold why would Zayn want to commit suicide. I ran down the corridor calling Harry's name.

'Oy kind of peeing right now' he replied.

'Like I really needed to know that; I sniffed 'Haz quick Zayn's going to kill himself'.


With that Harry came running out the door and all three of us went flying out the door desperate to stop Zayn right in his tracks. We had to do this or else One Direction would no longer exist. There was no way we could fail........

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