Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


32. Bowling sequel chapter 2

Jess's p.o.v

As we got into the van to our secret location I started thinking about how my life had changed. It was exactly a month ago today I`d forgiven Louis and now I lived with him and Harry.

`Hey Jess were here` said Louis cutting into my thoughts.

I looked at the small yellow building in front of me. It was covered in graphite and as we got out the van I noticed massive piles of rubbish everywhere.

'Ok where the hell are we'? I asked.

'Bowplex well not bowplex cause we knew it would be to busy and my uncle works here' said Louis.

'Great' I mumbled.

As we walked inside I hoped it might look better on the inside but it looked worse. There was a tiny desk with dirty bowling shoes behind it which looked like they'd never seen a cleaner. And only one bowling alley where the bowling balls were covered in grease (you don't want to know where it came from) and the floor was covered in coke.

'Not exactly the ritz is it' laughed Niall grabbing a pair of bowling shoes.

'Well we might as well make the most of it as were here' repiled Harry trying to sound exicted but not succeding.

'Lets bowl'.

Two hours later we'd played three games and had drunk enough coke to last a life time.

'Oh yeah I'm the champion' shouted Louis punching his fist in the air.

'Yeah the chanmpion weirdo' muttered Liam.

'Oh very funny' called Louis rushing over to Liam.

While they were both play fighting I looked over at Zayn, to try and work out if there was anything wrong with him. His face looked pale but the rest of him wasn't on show cause he was wearing a massive hoodie.

'Hey Zayn hot in here isn't it' I said.

Zayn stared at me as if I'd just arrived from the planet weirdo. 'Um I guess look is there some reason you want me to take my hoodie off'?

'What no, I was just thinking you might be hot'.

Zayn sighed and took off his hoodie. As he took it off his tshirt blew upwards for a second and I hurridly looked at his body. He did'nt look anything like he did when I first met him. His bones were sticking out of his tummy he did'nt seem to have any fat left anywhere. As he bent down to put his hoodie away I could see his spine sticking out of his back. Zayn was starving himself to death.

'Everthing ok'? he asked worriedly.

Before I could answer the rest of the boys came over. There was no way I could say anything about it to Zayn in front of the rest of the boys. What was even worse was he did'nt seem to realize what he was doing to himself, I had to confront Zayn some time. But how do you tell a boy he's starving himself to death?

Authors note

Hey guys so what do you think of this chapter? This book has more mature content the the first book. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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