Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


22. A Date with Zayn

Jess's p.o.v

After I found out Louis still loved his ex girlfriend I ran from the room and locked myself in mine and Louis hotel room. I did'nt know what do I just lay on my bed and cried. I hardly ever cry not even when I was seven and these ten year olds gave me a chinese burn I did'nt.

'Buzz Buzz'.

I looked down at my phone yet another message from Louis. 'Ahh Louis get lost' I shouted out loud blocking his number.

'Hey can I come in' said a voice the other side of the door.

'Who is it'?

'Zayn please let me in Jess'.

I sighed got off the bed and unlocked the door. Zayn stood in front of me his eyes red like he'd been crying. All of a sudden I felt so happy that Zayn was a guy I could trust that I hugged him. He gently smiled at me and hugged me back.

'So what do you want' I mumbled still feeling blocked up I'd been crying so much.

'I was just wondering If you wanted to go shopping with me' he whispered looking embarrassed.

'Yeah I'd love to but why do I need to go shopping'?

Zayn sighed sat on my bed and I sat next to him. 'Its Louis half brothers party tonight and Louis wants you back. I was just thinking we could make him think you already have a new boyfriend' said Zayn mysteriously.

'I'm listening' I answered looking at Zayn.

'You could go to his half brothers party with me and say your my boyfriend'.

'Wow evil' I repiled 'lets do it'.

Half an hour later me and Zayn were in BHS looking for the perfect dress.

'Ohh this so fetch' said Zayn sarcastically picking out an horrfic pink dress.

'Yeah so ''fetch' I answered grabbing the dress from him and chucking it back on the hangers.

Zayn laughed, 'Ok so what about this'.

I gasped in amazement Zayn was holding a red dress with a floaty net skirt and embroidered straps. It was breath taking. I grabbed in from Zayn and rushed to the changing rooms.

'What do you think'? I asked waltzing out of the changing room.

Zayn did'nt answer he was just looking at me astounded.

'Am I really that ugly'? I whispered.

Zayn slowly shook his head, 'You look amazing Jess, you look beautiful' he whispered gob smacked.

'Thanks I'll take it' I said to the shop owner.

A few minutes later me and Zayn came walking out of the store loaded with bags, filled with shoes, make up and the dress.

'Phew ok we have four hours before the party' said Zayn looking at his watch.

'Lets go and do the funniest prank if not the meanest prank ever' I shouted.

With that me and Zayn ran down the road to get ready for the party. Inside my head I still felt nervous about seeing Louis this was gonna be the most awkward party ever.

Authors note

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter. Anyway please comment below and tell me if your tem Zayn or team Louis


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