Claimed *Completed*

"I'm already living on borrowed time. When it comes to it, it will be my time to go."

500 years ago Cathy should have died, but she didn't. She was saved by the Devil.

"I agreed to something ... Something that cant have been important then, it seemed too far away.
I'd agreed, after five hundred years, to hand myself over to the Devil, to become his."

Now her time's up, but back in the city where it all started, things are far from over. Cathy finds out that there is more to the Devil than she ever thought. A new boy, a best friend and a deadly enemy, things are about to get complicated...

"No one's that good or bad, it's not that simple, nothing's that black and white. It's more grey."

*Hi, this is my first Movella, so I'd love some feedback and constructive critsism! Thanks :)


25. Thursday, 20th January 2012

Thursday 20th January 2012


  I never thought I would write this entry, but here I am proving everybody wrong. I thought I would have been dead, or Claimed, but I’m neither dead nor Claimed. Instead I’m not sure what I am. This is my life now, not knowing what’s going to happen from day to day.

  Chrissie has stuck with me through all of this. I think I’d forgotten what it was like to have a friend like that until I found Chrissie. I still feel like I’ve brought her into all this, but I think I’m coming round to the fact a friend like Chrissie will stick by you, no matter what. I’d do the same for Chrissie is the situation was reversed.

  The Devil seems to have gone, but from how long I don’t know. I do know that he won’t have given up, neither will the Angel. They’ll be back; they’re just biding their time. Right now I’ve got the police to worry about – they don’t take murder lightly.

  Oh, poor Katrina, poor Jess. Yes, I hated them, I still do, but they were killed so carelessly – as if their lives meant nothing. No life is worthless, no even theirs. I want to block their memories form my head – but somehow it’d be wrong to do that. I should keep their memory alive when no one else can. Not many people are left to remember them. Then ones that do didn’t know the real them.

  And Jack, oh Jack, what can I say? I’ve learnt to love again when I didn’t think I could. It doesn’t some back to me easily, but it’s like learning to ride a bike – you can never really forget how to do it.

  But Jack and I have a problem most people never have to face when falling in love

  There’s Jack and Cathy; the two alibis that we’ve lived by and fallen in love with.

  Then there is Daniel and Catherine; the real people, but the ones we’ve so often tried to escape. I’ve run from my past: my Catherine. And Jack has long wished his past away: to live as someone else, to start again.

  We had to choose; Cathy or Catherine, Jack or Daniel. So we’ve chosen. I’m Cathy, he’s Jack. The new lives we’ve chosen and fallen in love with.

  There was never really a choice.


  This is my life now. My story. This will always be my life; chaotic, confusing and nonsensical. But I live with it. I live and carry on. I don’t know what’s coming - but I’ll take it, one day at a time.

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