Claimed *Completed*

"I'm already living on borrowed time. When it comes to it, it will be my time to go."

500 years ago Cathy should have died, but she didn't. She was saved by the Devil.

"I agreed to something ... Something that cant have been important then, it seemed too far away.
I'd agreed, after five hundred years, to hand myself over to the Devil, to become his."

Now her time's up, but back in the city where it all started, things are far from over. Cathy finds out that there is more to the Devil than she ever thought. A new boy, a best friend and a deadly enemy, things are about to get complicated...

"No one's that good or bad, it's not that simple, nothing's that black and white. It's more grey."

*Hi, this is my first Movella, so I'd love some feedback and constructive critsism! Thanks :)


16. Thursday, 13th January 2012

Thursday, 13th January 2012







   Jess nods, “Yes, you. You’ve been driving the Angel mad.”

  My mind blanks, unable to process anything else; she’s lost me, what doesn’t apply to me? Why am I driving the Angel mad? I haven’t done anything, have I? “Jess, what the hell are you on about?”

  “Well...” she doesn’t seem to know how to start, “Basically, the Angel hates having anything she can’t explain.”

  “She should try being me; it would drive her up the wall.”

  “See, that’s the thing – you drive her nuts. Everything thing I’ve told you doesn’t seem to apply to you. You’re the anomaly that she can’t explain away.”

  “In what way am I different?” My voice is perfectly calm, but inside I’m starting to bubble. I can’t take much more of this.

  “For one, you’re red.”

  “Red?” I look down at myself, but as far as I can tell, I’m not red, “Could you please start talking sense?”

  Jess seems to think I’m being deliberately obtuse, “My mind looks white to you, and I told you how the Damned are black, well, you’re like an alarm, red-red-red. You don’t know how to shield it either, which makes it all the stronger.”

  This takes a couple of seconds to sink in, I try to search my own mind for any trace of red, but it doesn’t work, I can’t find anything. “So what? I’m red, what does that mean?”

  Jess shuffles from side to side, “We don’t really know.”

  I sigh, “Fat lot of use all this is then.” Why did I ever think this would help? I came for answers but all I’m getting is more questions. I know that’s not really fair, since I found out about this Angel, even if I don’t completely understand everything just yet. “Look, I’ll tell you what I can.” Jess sounds annoyed, but I don’t care, “As far as I can tell it means that you are neither Saved or Damned.”


  Jess ignores me, “We think that you’re not Damned because you’re a girl, and unless the Devil finds a way around that, which we think he might now have done, you are just a part of the supernatural, rather than belonging to either side, thought the Devil seems to still have a limited amount of control over you.”

  “What, you think that he’s found a way to make me Damned?” That scares me more than the thought of dying; I don’t want anyone to have control over me, let alone the Devil.

  “Maybe. The Devil was powerful enough to put a little of his power into you, but five hundred years a go he wasn’t powerful enough to make you a fully-fledged Damned. You were only an experiment he thought that in five hundred years time he would be powerful enough to take full control of you, but in the meantime he wanted to keep you under his radar.” She shrugs, “Well, this is all speculation of the Angels making, we’ve actually got no idea what actually happened.”

  I stare at her, and she nods grimly, “There’s more. The Angel thinks that there will be a short period of time just after the Devil’s five hundred year period wears off and just before he Claims you as one of the Damned, she thinks that your soul will become open. Not just open to the Devil, but her as well. Her plan is to get to you before the Devil does.”

  “What?” I say, the fury obvious in my voice, “She thinks she can just ‘Claim’ me? And the Devil? They think I’m just an object that can be owned? Like an object to be passed around?” My voice is getting progressively louder.

  Jess is on the receiving end of my anger and she backs away, hands out in front of her, like she’s taming a wild animal, “I know Cathy, it’s not right.”

  Something in the sane part of my mind reminds me that it’s not her fault. I turn instead to the wall behind me. I kick out at the wall, “I’m not going to be owned! They can’t talk about me like I’m just some object about to be sold at auction! Who do they-”

  I’m cut off by a loud cracking noise, I take a step backward and I glance down at the wall I’ve been taking it out on. Instantly my anger evaporates.

  A large crack has appeared running up the height of the wall. It definitely wasn’t there before. As I watch I can see it getting bigger.


  It’s a cheap, thin wall, and the rotting beams make it even more unstable. I throw a look at Jess; she’s frozen. Suddenly she shouts, “Run!”

  I don’t hesitate; she runs out of the room, with me close on her heels. The wall behind us gives a large ominous groan, we’re just at the top of the stairs when the wall lets out another large creak and then it gives way completely. The crash makes me freeze for a second, before I start running even faster down the remaining stairs after Jess.

  A large cloud of dust chases us on our way down, but it’s quicker than we are and almost instantly engulfs us. Jess makes it to the bottom of the stairs before me, coughing and spluttering. We stop, bending over to catch our breath.

  My feet hurt from pounding on the hard concrete steps, my lungs are aching from breathing in too much dust and my throat burns from coughing it back up. I sink to the floor against the wall, ignoring the fact it’s filthy and covered in rat droppings. I’m getting too old for this.

  I start to laugh, and I can’t stop. At first Jess just stares at me, but then she starts to chuckle as well. I think we must be hysterical. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything as adrenaline pumping as this, there is not much need for it as a hermit.  It takes me a minute to realise that I’ve missed it: the real world.

  “This is the most fun I’ve had in years.” I choke out.

  Jess coughs back, “Me too.”

  Suddenly a buzzing interrupts out laughter, making me jump. I press my hand over my heart to calm it, but when I realise that it’s just my phone; I put it on vibrate. My pulse calms down.

  I pull it out of my pocket; the screen tells me it’s Chrissie. I answer.

  “Cathy? Cathy is that you? Are you okay?”

  “Yeah, Chrissie, I’m fine-”

  “FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE - YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!” Wincing, I hold the phone away from my ear. Chrissie continues shouting, but it sounds muffled now. “It’s been nearly two hours and we’ve heard nothing from you! We thought you’d been abducted, or killed! We just saw a cloud of smoke coming from somewhere in your direction, what happened? Why haven’t you answered any of my texts? I’ve been worried sick!”


  “What have you been doing all this time? Why didn’t you check your phone? What about- HEY! NO JACK GET OFF THE PHONE!”

  I hold the phone even further away from my head, but this time Chrissie’s anger isn’t aimed at me. Jack and Chrissie seem to be wrestling for the phone. I wonder about the wisdom of leaving the two of them on their own for so long- has it really been two hours? I would have bet anything that Chrissie was winning, but I hear Jack’s voice;

  “Chrissie, just give me the phone! Shit - ow! What was that for? Yelling at Cathy isn’t going to do any good, yell at her later when she gets back.”

  Gee, thanks Jack. But this seems to have work because the sounds of fighting seize on the other end of the phone. I put the phone back to my ear, I hear Chrissie grumbling. “You bet I will.” Reluctantly she hand the phone over to Jack.

  “Cathy, are you okay?” Jack’s calm – and sane – voice makes me relax.

  “Yeah, I’m fine, Jess is good, but I can’t explain anything right now. I’ll fill you in later.” I’ve got so much to tell him. I glance at Jess who seems to be finding the whole episode very funny. “I didn’t realise how late it had gotten, sorry.” For some reason, I add, “You couldn’t try getting Chrissie back home, could you? – her parents will be worried and they already hate me.”

  “Right... are we thinking of the same Chrissie, because this one hates my guts-”

  “Not as much as Katrina’s.” Chrissie adds in the background.

  “-so I doubt she’ll do anything I tell her to.”

  “Please?” I say, “It’ll give me peace of mind not to have to worry about Chrissie as well.”

  “What about me? Aren’t you worried about what Chrissie will do to me?”

  I smile, “You can take care of yourself.”

  Jack sighs, “I’ll see what I can do.”

  “Thanks.” It comes out softer than I indented and I register Jess’ raised eyebrow out of the corner of my eye, which I ignore.

  “Just stay safe, Cathy. For me.”

  “I will. I’ll be back soon.” I promise, just before he hangs up.

  I sigh and Jess chuckles, “You’ve got weird friends.”

  “You can’t talk.”

  She smiles, “I guess not.”

  I sigh, “Okay, I’m sorry I got mad - it wasn’t your fault, and,” I look sheepish, “sorry about kicking the wall down.” I glance around, “We should probably go, before someone comes to find out what happened.”

  Jess nods and starts walking around to the back of the building. When I don’t follow her, she turns around and motions for me to follow her. I’m still suspicious.

  “Look, it’s just a short cut to my car.”

  “Why would I go with you?”

  Jess sighs and reminds me, “Jack’s gone to drop off Chrissie at her house, right?”

  “Or, try to.”

  “Well, then he’s not going to be waiting around the corner to drive you home, is he?”

  Damn, she’s got me. I huff and follow her.

  The back door leads to a narrow alley which we creep down. I don’t dare look down at what I’m stepping on. At the end of the alley we arrive in a street running parallel to Church Lane. It’s just as rough, street lights lining the edge of the road, but the road remains stubbornly black.

  Jess leads me down a few dark streets, and I’m surprised that we don’t pass at least one gang, or a druggie, or a lost drunk guy.  We eventually end up on the side of a main road. A solitary car is parked on the side of the road just under a street light. Jess walks over to it and unlocks the door, she motions for me to get in and I wrinkle my nose in disgust.

  The car is a battered old Ford that looks like it won’t even start. The seats inside are tattered and all the stuffing is hanging out of them. There is a big dent in the driver’s door and the bonnet won’t close properly. It would be more at home in the scrap yard. Had Jess not been sitting in the driver’s seat, starting the ignition, I would have thought it was scarp metal.

  I gingerly open the door and sit in the passenger’s seat. I want my mini. I nose wrinkled still wrinkled, I say, “Where did you get this wreck from?”

  Jess laughs at my expression, “It’s a hunk of junk, I know, but old Betsy’s good at doing undercover work. A flash car would draw attention to me in an area like this, and it would probably be stolen with a minute of me walking around the corner.”

  Jess shrugs, “Seems like a good name for a car.” She starts off toward my apartment without being asked where it is or needing directions. Why does everyone know where I live? The thought makes me prickle, but she already knows so much about me that she may as well know where I live too. Why don’t I just tell everyone- the whole world seems to know about me anyway.

  Something occurs to me, “If you can drive, why don’t you drive to school?” I’m thinking of the time Chrissie caught Katrina glaring at me and my mini. Chrissie told me that none of them have cars.  Why can everyone drive? Me, Jack, Jess, probably Katrina and Alyson as well...

  Jess throws me a dark look, “We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves, unlike you, who come in to school sporting a brand new mini, when you shouldn’t even be able to drive.”

  I fold my arms, “It’s my last chance – who cares if anyone notices?” I feel a twinge of satisfaction when she falls silent.

  Quietly, she says, “It doesn’t have to be your last chance.”

  I roll my eyes, “Not you as well.” It’s depressing to know everyone but me has some hope. I just can’t see a way out of this. If the Devil doesn’t get me then the Angel will. The only way to stop it is top die, which isn’t exactly an appealing option either.

  But maybe it would be better than being ‘Claimed’, it sound a lot like enslavement to me.

  I don’t think that’s the sort of solution everyone’s thinking of.




  When we arrive at my apartment, I find the door unlocked, so I assume Jack is in – I gave him the key before I left.

  Sure enough, Jack is pacing the room and he jumps when I open the door. Relief floods his face as he sees me, but he quickly narrows his eyes at the sight of Jess behind me.

  Jess holds her hands up, “It’s okay, I’m on your side.” Jack looks at me for conformation. I nod.

  I look around the room, “You got Chrissie home then?”

  Jack nods and grimaces as if it’s a memory he’d rather forget. “I told her we were going back to yours, but when we got to her house, she realised what I was doing and threw a tantrum, luckily Chrissie’s mum came out when she saw us. She wasn’t exactly happy, but she was glad to see it wasn’t you driving the car; she seemed to think I rescued Chrissie from you.”

  I sigh, “Great.” I put my things on the kitchen counter.

  Jack is still eyeing Jess, who’s hanging back in the doorway, with suspicion, so I say, “Jack, it’s okay; she’s not with Katrina anymore. Trust me.”

  “Hmm,” Jack looks unconvinced, but he’s prepared to take my word for it. He notices the dust layering our clothes, “What happened?”

  I glance at Jess and giggle, “I, err, got annoyed so I kicked out at a wall, which turned out to be very unstable, and collapsed.”

  Jack narrows her eyes again and looks between me and Jess, “Why did you get annoyed?”

  I look at Jess, “You explain.”

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